What politicians love to do – is throw money at the problem. That is always their quick answer tax more – regulate more, empower themselves more, and screw the American people more! Trillions of dollars have been spent on the infrastructure of the cities, welfare for the residents, and just about every federal program you can think of, yet the concept has totally failed.

You might even say⏤America’s flagship cities have become nothing more than laboratory experiments for their social justice crusade. It is a grand-scheme of sorts, like a Third World America within our borders. It makes one ask why the Left was able to take over the flagship cities in the first place? And what is behind their senseless crusade to crudely corrupt our cities? Local politics are bankrupting America! 

An important conversation with an amazing array of talent, starting with Dennis Santiago, who is an American Strategist, focusing on strategic warfare, asymmetric warfare and global stability. Our panel of voices include: Ron Edwards is a columnist and talk show host. Carole Lynn Steiner is an author and former global financial representative. Barbara McGee is a celebrity personal attache, and a life coach counseling in addiction breakthroughs. Arnetta Notkin, 30 year career on Wall Street, a Producer and Commentator. 

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