To mask or not to mask⏤that is the question they say! The first official message coming from the task force was not to wear the face mask. As April approached, that sentiment started to change. The New York Times reported: The Trump administration is close to recommending that all Americans wear cloth masks if they go out in public, a change in position that reflects new concerns that the coronavirus is being spread by infected people who have no symptoms and new data suggesting the United States is not yet slowing the rate of infections. At a White House briefing Thursday evening, both President Trump and Vice President Pence said that new guidance on masks would be issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the coming days. 

And then finally on April 3rd, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges Americans to use the cloth face coverings during trips to the grocery store and other public outings. The guidance, according to the CDC document, is intended not to guard the wearer but instead to prevent the wearer from unknowingly transmitting the virus to others.

Wearing masks may have surprising unintended consequence, reports Fast Company. Could a mask provide such a strong sense of security that people have become lax in protecting themselves in all the other ways that are recommended?

ARE YOU CONFUSED YET? Indeed, most Americans are.

In the face of that confusion; we started to see the face masks in public settings, as business establishments were requiring the use of face masks, in addition to social distancing, and not buying all the toilet paper…. we hope!

One listener happened to hear the commentary on Viewpoint This Sunday when it was discussed in one segment where folks were talking about the fact they didn’t want to wear the damn masks, and they certainly didn’t want to be ordered to wear the damn masks.

Demasking America: I recently listened to a favorite show the other day and the topic of discussion was about wearing face masks. The consensus was that it was unwarranted, unhealthy, and unnecessary. The participating guests seemed to speak particularly to their individual rights. They also shared a frustration at the glances and visual scorns they received when not wearing a mask in public areas. The next day I read an article about a birthday party in Pasadena, California. During the shelter-at-home orders, a large group of extended family member and close friends got together for a celebration. They did not social distance. They did not wear a mask. Five partygoers tested positive, and through contact tracking officials discovered many more in attendance had become ill.

That listener is the fabulous amazing author, and friend of the network, Sally Fernandez!

Sally Fernandez is the, Award-Winning Author of The Max Ford Series. Her latest novel The Beekeeper’s Secret takes on Big PhRMA and the FDA. Her prior novel in the series is Climatized, currently being made into a major motion picture to be released in 2022. She is currently working on her third book in the series The Infiltrator’s Shadow…this time she is taking on the whole enchilada…deep state, one world governments and everything in between. More on Sally here,, and her books can be found here,

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