I don’t really make predictions, I make WAG’s that are often so close to being accurate that it scares even me. My WAG’s are based on my experience of twenty four years in government law enforcement. The closer US Attorney John Durham gets to exposing the rotten heart of the DoJ, FBI, CIA and DNI conspiracy, plus the Clinton Cabal and the DNC to reverse the 2016 election of Donald Trump, the more the conspirators start squirming in their seats trying to exculpate themselves from previous incriminating statements they made to justify the positive good intent of their criminal behavior. 

It’s all on record as clearly as Joe Biden’s bragging that he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired by threatening to deny the corrupt Ukrainian government their expected one billion US dollars to give MRE’s and blankets to their nearly destitute army. 

Their whole anti-Trump case is falling apart, everything. The not so secret Clinton/Lynch ‘tete a tete’ on the Arizona airport tarmac, the entirely phony Steele dossier, the wired informants putting words in Trump staffer’s mouths, the lies to the FISA Secret Police Court. If you’re plotting something in the federal government beware, because witnesses are everywhere which is why the deep state tries to kill ‘whistleblowers,’ except their own of course.  

So, here’s my WAG’s for 2020. With the discredited Mueller report far behind us, the possibility that Andrew McCabe will be indicted grows more certain. I bet that Lisa Page saw to that when she was first interrogated by the Trump FBI. The arrogant Peter Strzok who had been happily  shagging the vivacious Lisa, will soon follow. Maybe not much jail time but color them both gone. An FBI analysis, Mark Tolson got seven days in the slammer and a $500.00 fine for hacking the emails of a conservative activist. Oh, the humanity. He was small fry, but he knew. Bet on it, he implicated others. 

McCabe lied! He admitted he lied and making false statements is what gets folks sent to jail. Ask Lt. Gen. Flynn. McCabe’s public comments, even now as an important CNN analyst, condemns him to the General’s fate. There being no shortage of public comment about it. Undeniable!

As an experienced interrogator, I know when I’m being lied to. We all do. When a suspect say’s he didn’t “deliberately mislead anyone,” he did!  McCabe soothingly admitted that some of his statements “were not fully accurate,” or simply they were “misunderstood” by interrogators. No, they weren’t! The record is there, just like Joe Biden’s and no matter how they phrase it, no matter the soft words they use to mitigate their offenses in an effort to exculpate themselves, it ain’t gonna happen! McCabe is toast or should be as well as the others.

We can’t neglect Comey. He too bragged to an audience of fellow anti-Trumpers that he knew what he did was a breach of protocol (soft talk for crimes) because scheming to entrap a presidential staff member in an official criminal investigation with phony charges is a serious thing to do. Obama knew. He had to have ordered it or it wouldn’t have been done. 

The FBI is an investigative agency although it lacks a descriptive mission statement like the CIA and DoD investigative units do. They have to report to the DoJ who alerts White House counsel so the president knows what’s going on and ensures constitutional safeguards are observed. But, Comey and McCabe ignored all that because Flynn may have violated the Logan Act. The Logan Act has never even been used. Why now? To get Trump. What a clever scheme they drew up and it’s all falling apart. 

Fox News contributor Cheryl Mills, then with the DNC, lied to Peter Strzok that she didn’t know Hillary had a private email server. Then she became Hillary’s official counsel again protected thereafter by the Lawyer-Client privilege. The whole silly email server business, used by everybody including his highness, Barack Hussein Obama, was and still is, ludicrous as well as criminal.   

Thanks to the two incompetent toads, Nadler and Schiff, Americans saw clearly just how corrupt the deep state government has become especially our elected politicians who promise, promise, promise but never deliver.

Americans see a double standard of who goes to jail and who doesn’t.

Americans want to know why McCabe, Comey, & et. al., should get the Hillary Clinton treatment when others, people far more useful to Americas needs, like Lt. Gen. Flynn, and others with long records of public service, received the Flynn treatment? We’ve got a lot of changing to do. 

Remember, Freedom is the way, the Constitution is the way.  Now, go get ’em! Happy New Year y’all.