The records of Muhammadan Islam paint a very evil picture of the Pagan Arabs vis a vis Muhammad in a very one sided manner.

What, are the Facts?

First and foremost, we need to point out the following truths:

1 . All that humanity knows regarding Muhammad’s life, deeds and utterances as well as ALL the character assassinations of those who opposed him, are based entirely upon the propagandistic records as written by the VICTORS: The Muslims.

Over a period of 300 years after his death, Muhammad’s followers POSTHUMOUSLY turned him into a superhuman and perfect being and heaped upon him thousands of concocted stories of miracles and deeds that the Quran never mentioned.

2 . To reiterate, we have not a single record of these events from the point of view of Muhammad’s VICTIMS: The Pagan Arabs or the Judaized and Christian Arabs.

3 . Like all criminal minds, and to justify any and all of his heinous acts, Muhammad PROJECTED upon his would be victims the very attributes, sentiments and actions that he actually harbored against them or intended to do unto them in the first place.

4 . All the Hadiths (Traditions about Muhammad) show beyond a reasonable doubt, that it was Muhammad who always initiated all acts of aggression against his victims, starting with his own kith and kin the Quraysh, then other Pagan Arabs then the Jews and finally the Christians.

5 . To prove our statements and conclusions, we never have to deceive, lie or misrepresent anything regarding Muhammad’s Quran Hadiths, because as we have repeatedly and amply demonstrated, the Quran and Hadiths self-destruct.

It was Muhammad who insulted his people’s gods in the first place. It was Muhammad who denigrated their centuries old religious beliefs and traditions. It was Muhammad who consigned all their dead:

their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children to eternal perdition just because they did not believe as he did.

The fact that they let him live in spite of his aggression, speaks volumes about their decency, tolerance, tribal loyalty and compassion. Because of these sublime attributes, they were later subjugated and forced to convert to his Cult Belief System hence loosing their freedom, their dignity and their morality.

As we all know, no human being would last more than a few seconds, if one insulted Muhammad, Allah or Islam in ANY Muslim country, or even in any other country.

In the 21st century, Muhammad’s Fundamentalist, Sharia compliant followers such as ISIS, HAMAS, Al Shabab (in Somalia) etc. commit unspeakable acts of barbarity in perfect emulation of their depraved mentor Muhammad bin abd Allah. These followers are NOT the aberration of Muslims but most assuredly the norm.

Please remember these facts at all times, as we open for you pandora’s box of Muhammad’s version of justice mercy and compassion.

Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 117    Narrated by Ali ibn AbuTalib

Khadijah asked Allah’s Apostle about her children who had died in the days of ignorance. Thereupon Allah’s Messenger said: They are in Hell Fire, and when he saw the sign of disgust on her face, he said: If you were to see their station you would hate them. She said: Allah’s Messenger, what about my child that was born of your loins? He said: It is in Paradise. Then Allah’s Messenger said: Verily the believers and their children will be in Paradise and the polytheists and their children in the Hell Fire….”

*** So called Believers/ Muslims and Unbelievers/ Kuffar/ Infidels, you should all know that only God has the authority to consign the dead to Heaven or to Hell and not Muhammad. Yet we find Muhammad arrogating this divine privilege to himself both in his Quran as well as in the Hadiths.

By what stretch of human imagination or intellect can anyone accept Muhammad’s answer to his wife Khadija as either TRUE, binding or merciful?

Why would any innocent child be consigned to eternal damnation through no fault of its own? Wh0 besides Muhammad’s perverted version of the divine, would any Compassionate and Merciful God ordain such immoral, unjust and evil ruling?

Why should Khadija’s dead children prior to Muhammad be among the dwellers of Hell while his one ends up in Heaven? Both died in infancy and according to Muhammad were born in fitra, that is in Islam as the following verse asserts? ***

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 6.298 Narrated by Abu Huraira

Allah’s Apostle said, No child is born except on Al-Fitra (Islam) and then his parents make him Jewish, Christian or Magian, as an animal produces a perfect young animal: do you see any part of its body amputated?” …

*** As we have demonstrated repeatedly in our unchallengeable series of articles, Muhammad was a pathological liar, a demonic deceiver and an obscene hypocrite, who beguiled and tempted his otherwise ignorant, unlearned and superstitious followers into believing him and his mendacities as ‘Rassool Allah’, the ‘Messenger of Allah’.

In one verse he extols the virtue and innocence of children and in the next one he completely (and as usual with Muhammad) contradicts himself by consigings them to the tortures of Hell.

To believe and follow Muhammad is exactly the same as believing and following Satan ***

Most westerners and other so called Unbelievers/ Non Muslims/ Kuffar watch in horror the videos shown on al Jazeera as well as on Jihadi sites, the butchering, the beheadings, the dragging of the bodies of the dead and their mutilation by frenzied Muslim mobs while screaming “Allahu Akbar”.

They watch mesmerized at the unbelievable bestialities committed in front of their eyes, in real time, in the name of Allah and Islam.

They watch while thinking with incredible error for lack of knowledge that these Demonic demonstrations are committed by only a fringe, a minority of Radical or Extremist elements, but nonetheless, a minority of Muhammadan Muslims.

Their erroneous perception is further re enforced by the deliberate lies and deceptions of the elite among the leaders of Muhammadan Islam and their supporters in the West. They willfully and very conveniently ignore the rulings perpetrated by the Muslim religious leaders in the most important seats of Islam in Saudi Arabia, Al Azhar of Egypt, Qum of Iran and others that state the following:

A fatwa posted on a popular Islamic Web site in Saudi Arabia explains when a Muslim may mutilate the corpse of an infidel. The ruling, written by a Saudi religious sheik named Omar Abdullah Hassan al-Shehabi, decrees that~

“The dead can be mutilated as a reciprocal act when the enemy is disfiguring Muslim corpses, or when it otherwise serves the Islamic nation. In the second category, the reasons include “to terrorize the enemy” or to gladden the heart of a Muslim warrior”

The religious ruling was evidently posted to address questions about the conflicts with the West and is not confined by geography.

In fact, in each of two gruesome attacks in Saudi Arabia that left 25 foreigners and 5 Saudis dead, a Western corpse was dragged for some distance behind a car. One was the body of an American engineer in Yanbu, the other a British businessman in Khobar.”

With a ruling such as “To terrorize the enemy or to gladden the heart of a Muslim warrior” it is hard to imagine when mutilation can not be justified.

In the “Ask the Scholar” section of the popular Islamic site it was asked: – “How Islam views the issue of mutilating dead bodies of enemies.”  Sheik Faysal Mawlawi, the deputy chairman of the European Council for Fatwa and Research answered by declaring that mutilation is “not allowable” under Islam. But then came the loophole:

“It is possible to mutilate the dead only in case of retaliation. . . . If one inflicts any physical damage on anyone, one should be retaliated against in the same manner. In case of war, Muslims are allowed to take vengeance for their mutilated dead mujahids (fighters) in the same way it was done to them.” This, then he explained, is the teaching of the Quran, Al Nahl 16:126, which recommends patience but authorizes revenge.

June 19 2004 Saudi Arabia: Paul Johnson an American Engineer was beheaded and the gory picture of his severed head was posted on the Internet.

May 2004, Iraq: Nicholas Berg an American citizen in Iraq was caught and beheaded. The gruesome act was shown in Arab television Al Jazeerah.

February 2002, Pakistan: Daniel Pearls suffered the same end. His assassins, video taped their grim crime proudly and showed to the world the level of savagery to which they can stoop.

Mutilations, decapitations and other horrendous acts of barbarity have become the hallmark of Muhammadan Islam’s terrorism. But where did these so called “fighters” get their inspiration from?

The answer to this question as we have repeatedly revealed in several chapters of our articles, especially the ones that deal with Muhammad’s SUNNA/ his alleged deeds, performances and statements that every male Muhammadan follower should emulate Muhammad’s Sunna to the letter.

Al Imran  3:31 “…If you love Allah, then follow me (Muhammad)…”

Al Ahzab 33:21 “Ye have indeed in the Apostle of Allah a beautiful pattern of (conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day.”

Mishkat al Masabih I, page 173 – the Book of Allah and Sunnah of the Prophet “I leave with you two things. If you hold fast by them both, you will never be misguided. The Quran and my Sunna”  

In this article we shall show you a few examples set by Muhammad in the hope that they will make you understand better the Muhammadan Muslims and their perverted world view.

After his success in Nakhlah, where for the first time after six failing attempts, his followers managed to plunder a small merchant caravan, Muhammad decided to raid a big caravan destined for Mecca that was coming from Damascus. The population of Mecca was forewarned of the plot and they went out to protect their property.

The Caravan managed to escape and reach Mecca safely, but the Quraysh having been pestered by continuous attacks at their caravans, decided to confront Muhammad’s marauding gang who had come for the kill. In this battle, that took place in Badr and marks the begging of Muhammad’s rise to power, the Meccans lost 70 men and about the same number of them was taken as hostage.

Showing how Muhammad dealt with the injured and the captives in this war and in other wars, set the tone for the subsequent Muhammadan Muslim savagery that has lasted unto this day.

Among the people who were slain was Abu Hakam  (called Abu Jahl, by Muhammad and his followers as a derogatory term).  Abu Hakam was severely wounded but still alive when Abdullah, the servant, of Muhammad, ran up, put his foot on Abu Hakam’s neck, got hold of his beard and started insulting the fatally wounded man whom his own people had named the father of wisdom. Abdullah cut off Abu Hakam’s head and carried it to his master. The head of the enemy of Allah!” exclaimed Muhammad joyously; —- “Allah! There is none other god but he!” – “Yea There is no other!” responded Abdullah, as he cast the severed head at the Prophet’s feet. “It is more acceptable to me;” cried Muhammad, hardly able to contain his joy, than the choicest camel in all Arabia.

It’s only by knowing these stories about Muhammad that we can comprehend the fascinations that the terrorists have for cutting the heads of their victims and why when Muslim mobs commit murder they invoke the name of their god and cry out “Allahu Akbar” meaning “Allah is great”.

Our readers must always remember, that it is because of the examples set by the degenerate Muhammad himself that his followers must replicate faithfully.

According to some historians, Muhammad is said to have given orders for Abu Hakam’s body to be mutilated and disfigured. Waqidi, p. 85  

Bukhari  4.826:

After three days the bodies of the slain were dragged and dumped in a well. Muhammad stood by the well and looked on triumphantly, as the bodies were brought up and cast in. Abu Bakr stood by, and examining their features, called aloud their names. Unable to contain his joy Muhammad started calling them by name and bragged to the corpses about his victory.

Muslims recount these stories gloatingly. Each follower of Muhammad attempts to beat others in blind obedience to him. None of them ever try to find out the guilt or innocence of their intended victim. The fact that he disliked Islam and that Muhammad hated him was enough proof to his culpability and those young men vied with each other to kill him. Muhammadans for 1400 years relish listening to the details of this gruesome murder and release a sigh of relief.

The same mentality permeates the followers of Muhammad even today and if for example Salman Rushdie, who in the eyes of Muhammadans is the equivalent of Abu Jahl is murdered, a great number of them will celebrate and jubilate in the streets all over the world.

Another story about how Muhammad had brainwashed his followers is that of Abu Hudhaifa whose father’s corpse, along with other victims of Badr, was dragged and tossed into the pit.

Waqidi, 106; Hisham 230; Tabari, 294

Abu Hudhaifa was overtaken by emotions watching his own father dead and being thus unceremoniously dumped into a hole in the ground, piled with other corpses. Upon noticing his distress, Muhammad turned to him and enquired:-” Perhaps you are distressed for your father’s fate?” “Not so, O Prophet of the Allah!  I do not doubt the justice of my father’s fate; but I knew well his wise and generous heart, and I had trusted that the Lord would lead him to the faith. But now that I see him slain, and my hope destroyed! —- it is for that I grieve”

What is important is the obscene degree of zealotry and sycophancy of the companions of Muhammad. They prided themselves and tried to outperform each other in demonstrating bravado, being heartless, ruthless and brainless.

Today’s Muslims ALSO pride themselves for having exactly the same qualities of zealotry and mindless devotion as did their ancestors. They congratulate the families of the terrorists killed in action. The mothers of suicide bombers rejoice when the news of their decimated children reaches them. Showing emotions of grief is considered lack of faith.

The Hadiths are full of more such depravities, inhumanity and bestialities that we see almost every day in the news media from all over the world conducted by the modern followers of Muhammad in the Name of Allah and Islam.

Muslims invariably quote the following verses from Muhammad’s Quran to ‘prove’ how peaceful Islam is~

Al Kafiroon 106:6 “Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion”

Al Baqara 2:256 “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong…”

These same Muslims willfully ignore all the above Hadiths and the following verses that contradict them~

Sahih Bukhari 9:56 “Anyone who leaves Islam, kill him”

Al Imran 3:85 “And whoever desires other than Islam as religion – never will it be accepted from him…”

It is precisely because Muslims emulate their debauched mentor Muhammad and NOT the Quran that we have proven beyond a shadow or even a reasonable doubt that Islam is NOT a Religion but a Cult belief system, the Cult of Muhammad.  Image: Mosaab Elshamy, AP