The American Revolution’s alarm was sounded by the famous ride of Paul Revere, awakening his Countrymen and Women to the imminent threat of Tyranny at hand.

The greatest battle in American history was to be fought, giving birth to a brave new world of Liberty and Freedom.

Today, we can thank the Speaker of the House, who’s threat of tyranny, sounded the alarm for us, to the second greatest threat in the history of our great Nation.

In one single utterance, this Woman, third in line to the Presidency, already marked by evidence of a soft coup d’etat, and dismissing 400 years of History, forewarns us that a Democrat President would declare GUN VIOLENCE, a “National emergency”, thus opening the door to the complete Gun Confiscation from every law abiding American citizen, who possesses this Constitutional and God Given right to bear arms protecting our most precious assets, ourselves and our family.

It is time that we awaken to this Clear and Present danger perpetrated by wolves elected to Congress. 

Let them not forget nor be surprised from the response to this threat to our Freedom. This is Our Country, of “We The People”. We will NEVER be beholden to a cabal of traitors to our unalienable rights, that gave birth to our Country to begin with. 

Love RayRay..and a Poem

A Depraved New World

They’re coming for our guns
They’re coming for our steak
They’re out for every dollar
Only Vegans can partake 

Biology is history
No more She and He
An Hermaphroditic Nightmare
As far as eyes can see

They’ve stifled all our voices
They’re listening on our phones
Installed their nasty webcams
In the bedrooms of our homes

They’re kicking down our doors
In the middle of the night
They’re teaching every child in school
That only Traitors put up a fight

They’ll legislate morality
According to their code
Slippery sleazy stealthy thieves
A New World Order we are told

Free speech has expired
You’d better toe the line
God and Bibles off the shelves
Judeo-Christians left behind

Obedience demanded
Slavery’s back in place
400 years of Freedom
Gone without a trace

If you think this can not happen
You’d better think again
The Wolves were voted into Congress
That Sheep can not Defend

We had better Poise for Battle
Because Freedom is at Risk
Paul Revere reminding us
The Real Meaning of Resist

Written by RayRay 2/15/19©️