Brexit Day is upon us, the UK’s divorce from the European Union is final. It is a momentous, world shaking event sure to start the slow rolling train of other “Brexit’s” to gain momentum ultimately ripping the European Union’s experiment of Socialist Collectivism, known as the New World Order, to bits. It’s coming as surely as elm blight comes in January. Look for Greece, Italy and Spain to start their divorce proceedings any day now.

Also today, the sham and treasonous coup d’ etat impeachment trial against America’s most successful president, Donald J. Trump, is coming to a screeching halt. Don’t count on it being over soon because the dark forces of the hyper political Democrats will skulk off to their dark corner to plot another scheme to try to overturn the 2016 election or prevent the 2020 one that will return Trump to office to complete his devastation of this New World Order nonsense.

Important to this discussion are the trials handling of the Democrats “Whistleblower” in fact a snitch, who colluded with Adam Schiff, and the failure to publicly reveal the name of the one person everybody already knows. No matter if the suspected Whistleblower, the CIA spy planted early on Trump’s White House staff, is actually the one or not, this imagined right to protect his identity is without basis. It protects Adam Schiff’s own collusion. Too, Chief Justice Roberts has given us another reason to doubt his objectivity and fairness by refusing to acknowledged Sen. Rand Paul’s question, his convoluted reasoning to pass the odious Obamacare plan the other. 

The waters of potential treason run deep here.

Behind the scene lies the manipulating hand of George Soros. Did you know that his son, Robert Soros is married to Adam Schiff’s sister, Melissa? I didn’t think so. I seem to recall too, that Chelsea Clinton is married to George Soros’ nephew.

Schiff still claims alleged foreign Russian involvement in our election process, even thought the Muller Report found no collusion. The point is, if the Democrats don’t want foreign involvement in our elections then why do they want illegal aliens to vote? Just asking!

January 2020 may also mark the historic apogee of the Peoples Republic of China. Their economic and military development brought down by a germ virus stolen by Chinese Bio-scientists working at a Bio-Lab in Winnipeg, Canada. Maybe the Chinese aren’t as ‘swift’ in the thinking department as we once thought. Yes, they are good at math, science and engineering, and their soldiers march nice in parades, but they are still backward in their civilizing skills, the simple little things like food handling, safe water controls, and handling deadly germs. Official Chinese party corruption will be their final undoing. It’s endemic. 

Years ago, post Mao, China opened the Pandora’s Box of economic freedom and the Chinese people rushed in to get rich. Replacing grinding poverty with success is a human trait that the communist government can’t take away again or stuff back into the box. So, how did they lose control of their stolen prize, the Coronavirus? I suspect because they wanted to weaponize it. 

Well, they certainly did and that virus spread throughout China so fast, and is still spreading unchecked, that the government got behind the power curve that will keep the people happy. Being totalitarian, the PRC has resorted to police state methods with armed soldiers keeping their own people trapped within the very confines where the viral virus works best among China’s minions. China may be on the verge of its own dissolution.

If not today, certainly January 2020 can be marked as a momentous date that will last for generations.

We still got to do something about that Elm Blight. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!