No matter how hard we try, some of us always end up out of step with our calling.

We spend time doing things just because someone else is doing them. We strive for perfection from others while standing in our own imperfections.

Rhythm is defined as a strong, regular repeated pattern of music or sound. We typically think of someone with rhythm when they know how to keep time, and step with the beat of the music.

The journey of life offers a tremendous amount of twist, and turns leading us to mis-step. Life is a party, and we have been invited to show up, and learn the music and the beat.

Recently I was asked to listen to a clip of music until I could hear the beat in my head; so when I added my voice it would be in concert with the music. I thought about life how many times we are expected to perform a task that is not in sync with the sound we hear in our hearts.

How many of us graduated from college with a degree that has nothing to do with who we are, or what we are doing today? I am raising both hands here! As a matter of fact, what I enjoy the most are the electives I chose in my senior year. I was out of sync for 4 years majoring in an area in which I really had little interest.

Graduation was scary. I was being released into a world for which I felt totally unprepared. I was out of step. I had no rhythm.  Like many graduates, I too wanted a job to begin living the life I wanted to live. A job that turned out to be just what it was, a source of income. I still had no Mo-Jo and no rhythm.

The trouble is no one was there to stop my awkward dancing around life. I looked like everyone else did, and spoke the language of the dance floor, but was stepping on my own heels. It did not appear to be an issue at first; after all I was dancing in the same circle as everyone else I knew. They too were out of step with life. None of us had any rhythm.

Most people live from a place of clumsiness. Floating from one job to another, one degree to another, one marriage, one business venture, one whatever to another. The result of this shinny object syndrome and loss of inner rhythm is a possible long life with having lived very little life.

The good news is this; if you are reading this that means you still have breath in your body. You can get the crimp out of your step and turn your heels upward and begin to dance again! Babe you have got rhythm. Tune in to yourself and turn it all on.

You can draw on the vision of spirit resident within you to give you dancing lessons, and tune your heart into a fresh new beat. You will see you life’s work from a place of clarity and precision, and the passion to dance the dance of life will be ignited.

A Life Coach can empower you to get your rhythm and change the course of your life on the dance floor. I want to help you discover your rhythm. Get on up and let’s boogie — it is time to get your rhythm back!