We live in unprecedented times where our nation and our President are publicly threatened by high-profile celebrities, black Nationalists of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Black Panther Party, uber-left university campus fascists, anarchists of the Occupy movement, and by Islamist extremist terrorists.

This week, so-called comedian and full-time wack-job Kathy Griffin was the latest high-profile Hollywood celebrity to feel sufficiently emboldened to deliberately offend or subliminally threaten President Trump. In her case, Ms. Griffin hired a shock-job photographer to photograph her holding a bloodied mask resembling the severed head of President Trump. This disgusting display was no doubt designed to portray an ISIS-like beheading of our nation’s leader. Griffin’s threat follows in the wings of other celebrities like Madonna who threatened to blow up the White House and Robert DeNiro’s threatening to punch out President Trump.

After Griffin was excoriated by both right and left in the media, and sensing the wrath of her corporate sponsors, Griffin quickly issued an apology. However, the following day, Griffin demonstrated how unapologetic, shallow and self-serving she really is when she held a bizarre press conference with her new civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom. Apparently, Griffin and her spokeshole now assert that she is a “victim,” and are accusing President Trump and his family of trying to destroy her life and career.

Dr. Martinelli’s Book: The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police

Ms. Griffin, precipitated an act that I personally feel was threatening to President Trump. Her act of holding a replica of our President’s severed bloody head, might very well insight violence against our President and members of his family by others. She is now incredibly claiming that her First Amendment of freedom of speech has been violated. Her claim is not only incredible, but troubling. Griffin’s statements during her press conference also showed her to be an unstable, paranoid and soulless person.

Kathy Griffin states that after her severed head incident, she was visited by Secret Service agents who sought to question her, apparently concerned that her actions either directly or indirectly threatened President Trump’s safety. And well they should have.

As a forensic expert who is occasionally engaged in psychologically profiling threatening, unstable and threatening personalities, I am concerned about Griffin’s access to aircraft and her financial resources that would allow her to fly to Washington DC and places where our President might visit. Watch the video of Griffin’s latest press conference and tell me this woman isn’t paranoid and mentally unstable. She has now armed herself with a consciousless attorney advocating for and enabling her.

The numbers of people threatening our President and our nation’s security are growing exponentially and its high time that our government enhance, engage and expand the “No Fly” directive to people who threaten President Trump and all of us.

The “No Fly” list is a registry of persons who our government’s law enforcement, intelligence and national security agencies deem to be a threat to national security. Those on the list are prevented by flying on national and international airlines.

So, who belongs on the “No Fly” list? In my opinion, every individual and arrested suspect who either directly or indirectly threatens the President, his family, our government’s leaders and/or our nation’s security. This would include anyone arrested for funding, advertising, plotting, scheming, conspiring and/or engaging in anti-government radical and violent acts including armed and unarmed assault, rioting, looting, arson, violence against law enforcement and possession of weapons during the commission of such acts. The “No Fly” directive should also be applied to anyone who through either comments and/or behavior acts in a manner that would indirectly encourage others to commit any of the aforementioned acts.

The media and others should not so quick to criticize my suggestion to expand the criteria for our present “No Fly” list. Ms. Griffin’s personality traits are similar to others who have taken shots at previous Presidents. Further, the indirect threat that reckless celebrities like Griffin, Madonna, DeNiro and others like them create, is that mentally unstable, ticking time bomb fans infatuated with celebrities and who want to impress them, have attempted to assassinate previous Presidents. John Hinkley shot President Ronald Reagan to impress actress Jodie Foster, and President Gerald Ford survived an assassination attempt by Lynette “Squeaky” Fromm, who sought impress her mentor and killer Charles Manson.

It is irrelevant what the intent of celebrities like Griffin is when they make or take repulsive or threatening comments or actions. It is only relevant to know how their behavior are interpreted by their mentally unstable fans. Freedom of speech only goes so far and there are legal red lines curbing all civil rights. We need to revisit the parameters of protected free speech. In my opinion, the red line is crossed when the lives of innocent people are directly or indirectly threatened by comments and/or behavior.

The President of the United States, his family, members of his administration, and members of the law enforcement community have a difficult enough time doing their jobs and living their lives without mentally unstable wack-jobs, radical celebrities, militants, fascists, anarchists and terrorists threatening them.

Enough is enough and it is now time for our national security agencies to act. Notice, I have made no mention about limiting a valid and protected First Amendment civil right. We are talking about those involved in directly or indirectly threatening and/or criminal behavior that threatens our President, his family, his administration, government leaders and law enforcement.

Our government needs to take immediate, assertive action to punish extreme and threatening behavior. This behavior modification tactic gives reckless and potentially threatening people pause for thought in knowing that our government would limit their access to air transportation that would otherwise allow them to rapidly transit nationally and internationally.

In my professional opinion, placing threatening and violent domestic and international extremists on the “NO Fly” list keeps our President, his family, our government leaders and law enforcement safer, while enhancing national security.

Dr. Martinelli’s Book: The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police

Time to Expand and Engage the ‘No Fly’ Directive