Stepping out into your heart desire and living and doing your dream is the strength of our nation. Keith Hirshland did just that! As a pioneer in Golf and ESPN; he knew there was so much more he wanted to do. After his parents passing and the need to go through their things, his wife was wise enough to shine the light on not letting their children go through what Keith went through in discovering stories of his father after he was gone. The things he did not know was the catalyst to his first book. 

Keith Hirshland

Keith Hirshland is a sports television producer with more than three decades of experience and an Emmy award under his belt. He produced shows that aired on ESPN and ESPN2. Hirshland later was among the first forty people hired by The Golf Channel in 1994. He was in the middle of the action when it premiered in 1995 and provided his talents for the all golf network for close to two decades. Big Flies is Hirshland’s second book and first novel. He is the author of Cover Me Boys, I’m Going In (Tales of the Tube from a Broadcast Brat), a memoir about his experiences in the television industry. Hirshland lives in New Jersey with his wife and Bernese Mountain Dog.

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Big Flies