The Ticking Time Bomb In Your Mouth

There are many people walking around with a ticking time bomb in their mouths. Are you one of them? Listen to this week’s show to find out… Infection anywhere in the body is bad, but when it comes to the mouth it’s VERY bad because the infection can easily get into the blood stream and cause problems throughout the body and place a heavy burden on the immune system.

Tooth and gum infections can be caused by any number of things. Procedures like fillings, crowns, and root canals are some of the ways teeth/gums can get infected. When this happens it oftentimes goes undetected and can fester for years causing a whole host of problems throughout the body.

And it’s not just infections that you should be concerned about but toxins from substances dentists have been putting in your mouth for decades. The things that can lead to infections are also a lot of times toxic like mercury fillings (mercury is the second most toxic metal in existence), crowns contaminated with lead and other toxins, and fluoride which is a known poison.

When your mouth is full of toxins it puts a heavy burden on your immune system and over time your immune system can weaken to the point that you get sick. Along with infections and toxins your immune system can be weakened if what the dentist is putting in your mouth is not compatible with your body even if it’s a nontoxic substance. Thus, everything that is put in your mouth should be tested for its biocompatibility with your body.

On this week’s show, I talk to Dr. Bill Wolfe, who’s a biological dentist, a naturopathic physician and an international speaker. He uses mercury free dentistry and other non- toxic materials in his practice. He was tested several years ago to have mercury toxicity several times higher than the allotted amount deemed as safe. What he discovered shocked him so bad he stopped using mercury fillings from that day forward. Needless to say, he’s passionate about safe dentistry and has some very thought- provoking information to share.

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