One of the age-old questions: Are dogs colorblind?
I was asking myself that question on one of my five mile walks.
Attractive black woman with a white and black dog. Are dogs racist? Was my dog racist I wondered?
Attractive white woman, blond hair, no dog and no personality. Perhaps she needed a dog to cheer her up?

Malcolm takes to the sidewalks to explore human behavior⏤and why our dogs know much more than we think they know. Ahhh…. the human psyche. How did dogs become ‘Man’s Best Friend’? Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Other’s Butts? Are dogs colorblind? Are they racist? So Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

There is the RACIST DOG, the POLITICAL DOG, the HONEST DOG, the HEALTH CONSCIOUS DOG, and the the BLIND LOYALTY DOG. There is a bit of a MUTT in all of us, isn’t there? 

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