Millions of people have heard of or read the name Armageddon, but many have no idea where it comes from.

According to the Book of Revelations in the New Testament, Armageddon is the prophesied location where a great gathering of armies will battle at the ‘End of Times.’

The name refers to a fortification made by King Ahab (869–850 BC) of Israel that dominated the Plain of Jezreel in the Holy Land.

The term is usually used to refer to the ‘End of the World’ scenario. This futuristic battle is also mentioned in Islamic apocalyptic literature (Hadith) as the ‘Great battle/ al Malhama al Kubra,’ after which the righteous will be rewarded with the pleasures of paradise. At the same time, the unrighteous will be tormented forever, in hell.

In Shiite eschatology (al Ghaybah), this will happen so that their alleged Messiah, called the Mehdi (the 12th Imam), will appear to make Shiism rule the world. To bring about this event, a major conflagration must occur in the Holy Land. This is exactly what the Ayatollahs of Iran are looking forward to.

Biden was presumably elected because he promised to bring Americans together and reverse the divide. Tragically, he is presiding over another massive American distraction of a further sham and utterly vindictive so-called ‘impeachment’ of citizen Trump, while the clock to war in the Middle East is at three minutes to Armageddon.

In the mean-time, the Biden administration is attempting to use COVID-19 as an excuse to grease every Democratic palm from New York to California, with trillions of tax dollars that future generations of Americans will not be able to service.

Biden has been president for over three weeks, during which he had time to call most of America’s European allies, and even his beloved the genocidal Xi of China, but somehow had no time to call Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, the closest ally America has in the Middle East.

To Politically Correct, invariably Quran and Islam ignorant people, my articles will definitely read as if they are against Muslims. These thoughts are obviously utterly wrong because my subjects deal only with facts in chapter, verse, and reference that cannot be refuted, revealing the truth and only the truth about the Cult of Muhammad called Islam. Instead of attacking my integrity, all anyone should prove anything I reveal as either wrong or untrue.

Let me set the record straight to put Israel and/or Jew-haters on notice. In her 72 years of existence, not a single American soldier died defending her, while tens of thousands of them were tragically put in harm’s way by several administrations, to be killed or wounded defending Arabs and Muslims from other Arabs and Muslims.

Many American detractors of Israel begin by citing concocted figures ‘proving’ that Israel receives the lion’s share of US military aid. The very suggestion conjures up the demon of an all-powerful Israel/ Jewish lobby that has turned the unwitting US Congress into its pawn. But these figures – while they may be reflecting official direct US military aid – are invariably meaningless compared to the actual costs and benefits of US military aid; above all, American boots on the ground.

In reality, Israel receives only a small fraction (US$ 3.5 billion annually) of American military aid, of which over 70% must be spent in the US to the benefit of the American economy.

There are about 150,000 American troops stationed in seventy countries around the globe. The estimated cost to the American taxpayer annually is $US90-100 billion. In other words, every 1,000 American soldiers stationed abroad represent US$600-670 million of aid to the country in which they are located.

Once the actual costs are calculated, the largest aid recipient is Japan, where about 48,000 US military personnel are stationed. This translates into a US military aid package of over US $29 billion. With over 37,000 US troops on its soil, Germany receives aid equivalent to around the US $22 billion; South Korea, with over 27,000 US troops, receives over the US $16 billion; and Italy receives at least US $6 billion.

Moreover, what about the hundreds of billions of dollars spent by US air, naval, and submarine forces constantly patrolling the Northern, Baltic, Atlantic, Indian, Mediterranean, and China Seas to protect American allies in the Americas, Europe, and in the Pacific – at American expense?

In striking contrast, no US plane has ever flown to protect Israel’s airspace. No US Navy ship patrols to protect Israel’s coast, and most importantly, no US military personnel are put at risk to ensure Israel’s safety.

Nonetheless, Israel haters, whether pundits, IR scholars, American Muslims, or politicians, with malice aforethought, deliberately contort facts to deceive the American public regarding the actual reality.

These ‘experts’ know intimately that 74% of military aid to Israel must be spent on American arms, equipment, and services. In fact, under the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding with Trump, this figure will be changed to 100%. The so-called Israel hating ‘experts’ invariably and deliberately cite the wrong figures.

For over 40 years, the Ayatollah terrorists of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been publicly and repeatedly declaring their intention, to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, and of course all about nine million Israelis.

In October 2005, for a starter, Iran’s new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, created a sense of outrage in the West by describing Israel as a “disgraceful blot” that should be “wiped off the face of the earth.”

The populist leader’s comments, reported by the state-run media, came when Tehran was under pressure over its suspect nuclear weapons ambitions.

This was a similar statement made by the former president, Hashemi Rafsanjani, five years earlier, who called for a Muslim state (Pakistan) to annihilate Israel with a nuclear strike.

Ahmadinejad rejected any compromise recalling the late Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of Iran’s Islamic revolution; he said: “As the imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map.”

Since then, this mantra has been repeated not only by the Ayatollahs but also by Hamas, Hezbollah, and many other Muslim states.

While Biden and the Democrats are attempting their worst to utterly destroy Trump, his followers, and all of Trump’s achievements with sickening and unconstitutional political distractions, Iran’s threat to exterminate Israel is repeated almost daily by her political and military leaders.

With a typical Islamic duplicitous and hypocritical move, in a recent letter to the UN Secretary-General, the Iranian UN representative accused Israel not only of increased “provocative and warmongering rhetoric” against Iran but also of actively making plans to act on its threats of self-defense.

This was in response to Israel’s top general, Aviv Kochavi’s January assertion, that he had instructed Israel’s military to prepare “a number of operational plans, in addition to those already in place” in reaction to Iran dangerously boosting its nuclear program in recent months.

With this single case, one witnesses the uselessness of the UN as it has been turned into a political whorehouse dominated by dysfunctional, hatemongering, freedom lacking Muslim countries and their petrodollars that bought supporters among African, Latin American, Asian, and even some Western countries, thus being able to repeatedly gang up against their victim to be, Israel, pretending that the aggressor Iran is the victim instead.

1400 years ago, the most belligerent organized crime syndicate leader in the Arabian Peninsula, Muhammad bin Abd Allah, excelled in this process of Projective Identification. According to Allah’s Sharia, all his Muslim followers must clone his actions.

On the one hand, after the Israeli general made the threat, Iran’s presidential chief of staff Mahmoud Vaezi dismissed it as “psychological war.” It said “in action, they neither have a plan nor the ability to carry it out.” On the other hand, by appealing to the UN, the Ayatollahs shows how frightened they really are of Israel.

By ignoring talking to the Israelis and the Gulf Arabs, by ordering a halt to supplying them with arms as well as accusing only Saudi Arabia of lack of freedom and adding insult to injury removing the terrorist label from the terrorist Shia Houthi regime (fully supported by Iran) in Yemen, Biden thinks he is being ‘presidential’ proving his power when in fact, he is making all of them aware that the USA is neither interested in their security nor their welfare.

Biden’s deliberate lack of concern may prove to have been a serious miscalculation on his part since he is most definitely siding with Shia Iran against Sunni Arabs and Israel – just as he was doing for eight years with Obama.

Since Biden had invariably been a lackluster politician, instead of creating a Biden imprinted presidency, he is only extending Obama’s administration, thus wasting his presidency and any possible legacy.

Threatening Israel with an Iranian version of “The Final Solution” has been and continues to be a huge miscalculation by the Ayatollahs since Israelis are being pushed into the “Never Again” frame of mind.

Contrary to American news, Bibi Netanyahu is not waiting for Biden’s call because he has more existential threats to deal with. It is incumbent upon Bibi and his military leaders to address and steel the Israeli public (like Churchill did with the British people vis a vis Hitler) regarding the immediate threats and realities facing them by preparing them psychologically to the prospect of an imminent conflict and the certainty of human and material losses.

The clock is ticking while Biden and his advisors play prima donna with climate change and are oblivious to the truth.