Stop waiting for the world to give you a chance, it’s time to take charge and make it happen!

I’m serious. Too many of you are sitting there, making your pretty vision boards, chanting your affirmations or, maybe, throwing a few dollars at Facebook ads and aggressively staring at your email inbox, waiting for those opportunities to flood in.

Wake up, sweetcheeks. This ain’t Narnia and there’s no magical wardrobe to walk through. Opportunity is NOT going to just fall into your lap through the power of your will alone.

You need to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!

You can read The Secret all you like, but the law of attraction is far more powerful if you add a bit of positive action into the mix. I can go as #HippyShit as the rest of ‘em, but I’ve learned we can create and manifest far more if we take that ‘om’ and put it into mOMentum.

I don’t mean to sound flippant.

Okay, maybe I DO mean to sound flippant, but there really is  a serious message here.

I’m seeing far too many people unwittingly resting on their laurels. Too many people thinking they just have to put their orders into the universe and wait for the winning lottery numbers to fall into their mind, that Ferrari to magically appear on the drive or that dream job offer to turn up in the mail.

I DO believe in the law of attraction and the power of manifestation – I believe in them with an absolute passion. I believe there are multiple realities in multiple dimensions – with each of us enjoying every conceivable possibility, from famine to wealth, and I believe it’s up to us to connect with that future reality we want to live out. Or something like that!

Suffice to say, I believe there exists a world of opportunity for each and every one of us, but that we won’t be able to tap into the best ones easily without a little more effort.

Let me pick on vision boards for a moment. You’re familiar with the concept, right? We cut out lots of pretty pictures that represent the future we want to live, paste them all onto a big sheet of paper and stick it proudly on display – somewhere we’ll see it regularly. If we’re tuning into these desires every day, we’re far more likely to stay aligned to them and call them into our lives on some luminous, universal thread.

Can it work? Yeah, I think it probably can… to an extent.

Trouble is, I see too many people treating it like a scrapbooking activity, creating pretty pictures but then not attaching any real energy and clarity to the meaning of those images or putting any effort into visioning how these dreams might become reality.

If that’s you, I encourage you to switch from a playing around with a vision board to creating an ACTION board. Same concept – it’s just that your intention is to create a board full of powerful prompts to help you focus and make those opportunities happen.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by creating opportunities.

Some years ago, when I had first decided to explore the heady world of motivational speaking, I needed a gig. A decent gig.

I was pretty sure I could do it. After all, I’d been speaking and presenting for years in front of business audiences, I just hadn’t been able to use my own words and speak from the heart – it had all been scripted and cued before.

This was different. This mattered on a different level. This was about encouraging, supporting, inspiring, using my own story instead of reciting corporate rhetoric.

Cue all those affirmations, prayers, asking for opportunities.

You might say I fine-tuned my attention into opportunity-spotting mode.

Whether you believe in the law of attraction and universal requests, or fall into the camp of thinking we’re more likely to notice the chances available to us when we’re locked onto our target is neither here nor there. The point is, I set my energy and mindset sat nav and determined to get my gig.

It didn’t take long.

I heard about a big business expo setting up for the first time in my neck of the woods. If I could secure a headline keynote speaker spot at this event, it would be the peach I was searching for.

Luckily for me, I’d worked with one of the organisers, with my PR hat on, years before. I found her on social media and pinged her a message, saying I’d heard about the event and it would be lovely to meet up.

A week or so later, we were sitting in a coffee shop. She had her hopes on me exhibiting. I had other ideas. We talked about speakers. She had big ambitions but, this being her first show in the business arena, they’d been pumping all their budget into branding, advertising and event hire and, when it had come to their dream keynote speaker, she’d been disappointed to realise they couldn’t afford his fee.

Another dose of that ‘luck’ hit. I knew that speaker. What’s more, I knew, deep in my gut, that I would be able to create exactly the vibe she was looking for. I could be just as good as him – maybe even better – but I’d be more affordable for her. Because we were old pals. Obvs.

I told her as much and she smiled. One of those proper smiles that goes all the way to the eyes. Gotcha!

By the end of that conversation, I’d agreed to a headline speaker slot, as well as running a ‘Make It Happen’ masterclass in the afternoon. Not only that but, as I knew budgets were pretty maxed out, I negotiated not one, but two exhibitor spots in the show – one for my business, one for my wife’s PR and content coaching agency.

Bingo! I might not be being paid for this gig, but I’d be able to get video, photos, testimonials, all the proof I needed to launch my career as a motivational speaker.

Owzat for creating an opportunity? How could it possibly get any better?

It did!

As the event loomed closer, I started using all those LOA techniques to ‘see’ a packed auditorium and people giving rave reviews after my talk. I added some practical actions too – talking it up on social media and doing all I could to attract people to my presentation.

The big day arrived. I paced up and down, drumming up my energy before I hit the stage. And then, just as I was due to enter the room, there began lots of hurried movements and staff members rushing around.

What was happening? Was something going on? Would something interrupt my star turn?


As it turned out, demand for my motivational speaking was so great, they had to rush into the storage rooms and bring in extra seats! Who would’ve believed that?

Needless to say, it was a success. I secured press coverage off the back of the event, started to attract more attention and, not long afterwards, got signed to an invite-only speaker agency.

What’s changed since? Well, I now speak for organisations across the globe, including some household name brands, and command fees running into thousands of dollars. What’s more, only recently I was invited to be part of a second speaker agency, this one based overseas and wanting to book me into more events worldwide.

Would this all have unfolded if I’d just created a vision board and recited my mantras every morning? Maybe, maybe not, but I’m sure convinced it happened far more swiftly and powerfully because I was willing to put some determination and action into the mix.

So, what is it that you want in your life? You want to just keep praying for it, or put some elbow grease into making it happen?

Until next time,