Most people have never known the power of thought. We spend 12-16 years in school and are told we need to think, but no one tells us how to do it. We have been given a mind that I so powerful that if we tap into it we will be amazed at our own strength and genius.

As we learn to “Think About What We Are Thinking About’ a new world from truly down under will emerge. This teaching will empower you to learn and use the three categories of thinking successfully; 1) Creative Thinking 2) Strategic Thinking and 3) Critical Thinking. Your Energy level will explode!

Eli Harari

Eli Harari has been training professionals in the US, Asia and Europe for 20 years. Currently owner of The Thinking Coach, specializing in strategic thinking and mental toughness. Eli delivers leadership skills training on broad spectrum. Specialty in thinking out of the box and futuristically, specialty in combining humanity with hard core training-specialty in work shop techniques that help people improve at core level-specialty in conducting first class Think Tanks- specialty in on going one-on-one counseling to CEO’s- specialty in key note speaking on any of my specialized subjects.

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