Somehow, in the deep recesses of my once very analytical mind lurks this troubling thought: We Americans are being conditioned to become herd animals à la George Orwell’s Animal House. I can’t shake it. Our daily lives are constantly filled with media driven turmoil, now it’s about a deadly Chinese virus I haven’t seen but only heard about. “Experts” claim X number of thousands of Americans will die because of it; that we should avoid personal contact, shut down our daily lives, turn into hermits and only venture forth when we need to buy groceries and only whilst wearing an approved face mask and our pocket filled with dispensers of hand sanitizers.

Yet, I recently viewed a home made video of what NY Mayor DeBlasio said was one of the busiest hospitals in Brooklyn, with no activity at all visible at the emergency entrances, no citizens queuing up at the testing tent provided and no ambulance or police activity at all. So, what’s going on? We’re being scared to death by experts with their damn computer models.

The “Experts” rely on computer models to advance BS theories on the ‘probable’ numbers of casualties and deaths we’re doomed to face because of this pandemic.

Wasn’t it ‘Al Gore’s’ computer models that predicted the end of the earth in twelve year, twenty years ago, because of Global Warming? And yet, the earth is in fact cooling.

Wasn’t it computer models that predicted Hillary Clinton was a sure win for Socialism in 2016?

Yes, yes! Junk in and junk out!

And yet, here we are, listening to pettifog lawyers and ignorant politicians orchestrating the slow, conditioned conversion of us citizens to view Big Government and the police state, as our saviors if only we would obey. Some jurisdictions have already turned their police forces into quasi Gestapo agents and have actually arrested people for congregating at birthday party’s, at their churches (re-read the 1st Amendment) and for simply driving down the street, and the media applauds them for it because “it will make us safe.” 

We’re being trained like circus seals to unquestionably obey higher authority. But, when we do, we are giving up what’s left of our constitutional rights and submitting our personal welfare to the dictates of the state and believe me, as we have already seen the FBI corrupted by socialist politicians, we can expect some big city mayors to follow their lead. Leftist governors and big city mayors are perfect candidates for the role as minor second rate dictators.

Ignoring the Constitution, other jurisdictions have ordered gun shops closed as non-essential. Well, just who decides what is essential and what is non-essential, the nincompoop we elected as mayor last year?

Restaurants and cafe’s have closed all around. Are they non-essential? The Left want’s the Christian religion eradicated from the American scene, “Because they’re concerned about our safety, all churches will be closed until further notice.”

Trump is caught in the middle. While he fights back, this time he appears to have caved. Both Doctors Birx and Fauci, “Experts” who nightly stand with him before the public, have political ties to Hillary Clinton. Is that true?

Has Trump caved to the medical experts around him?

Did Hillary close down the country through them? Are we facing Pelosi’s totalitarianism, like it or not?

Has the garbage that comes out of their computers finally taken us where the Progressives want us, herded together like conditioned herd animals, our minds controlled by psychological manipulation?

Have we embarked at last into our adventure with socialist serfdom?

Will we feel safe once there? Will we be protected, like Venezuelans?

Don’t bet on it!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!