Conservatives are being squashed, shut-down and silenced. Conservatives are being kicked off of platforms with no explanation. As Politick Rick explains “Defacto censorship has become the order of the day, the left-wing censorship machine wants to de-platform, de-legitimize, and destroy conservatives to include you and me.” What is it about conservative values that scare the hell out of progressive democrats?

“Examining the latest data, more and more Americans are turning against the founding principles of America. From amending the idea of free speech to the rise of socialism, there are many seeking to undo what makes America great. Compounding the problem is an advocacy news media seeking to promote an ideology rather than facts. It is time to sound the alarm, and insure our basic liberties are protected,”says Nicholas Giordano. Giordano is a Professor of Political Science and the host of The P.A.S. Report political podcast.

There comes a time when THE PEOPLE need to rise and demand fairness, respect and truth. That time is now. Conservative voices must rise to reclaim our constitutional principles. The second part of our conversation begins with Politick Rick as he lays out his vision for Giant Slayers.

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