“There will be an answer, let it be” – The Beatles

Israel is a strange country. About a quarter of its citizen are Arabs who wish it had never existed. Another 10 to 15% are ultra-orthodox Jews who have very mixed feeling about the Zionist movement having rushed, as it were, the hand of the Almighty in bringing about the Gathering of the Exiles. The remaining 60% are divided in terms of politics, finances, levels of religious observance, traditions, and even skin color, which, alas, does play a role in Israeli society. There is next to nothing that a majority of Israelis can agree upon, not even if the State of Israel should have ever been born and if it should still exist today, at least as a Jewish State.

There is only one thing that has, so far, stopped Israel from tearing itself apart: the integrity of the Israeli election process. In Israel, there is a national ID system, with the ID number serving as the equivalent to the American Social Security number. This number is issued to every Israeli at birth and accompanies him or her for life. The number is connected to a physical civic address (updated as needed) and it is to that address that a voter card is sent prior to an election with instructions on where to vote. This card, along with the “Teudat Zehut”, the national ID card, must be presented to the election committee members who guard the entrance to the polling station. Without these two documents, there is no admittance. Once inside, the voters go behind a curtain, where they find a number of notes preprinted with the Hebrew letters assigned to each party. They pick up one note, place it in the provided envelope, exit the booth and place the sealed envelope into the ballot box in full view of the election committee members. Envelopes with more than one note are not counted and neither are notes that have been marked on or altered in any way.

There is no remote (almost), absent, early, or mail voting. Nor are there any electronics involved. Israelis who, like yours truly, do not reside in Israel, cannot vote unless they are on a diplomatic mission. Soldiers on active duty and merchant seamen join the ranks of the diplomats as the only citizens who can vote remotely rather in person. All voting take place on the day of the election, which is a national holiday.

Because of the simplicity and the foolproof nature of this process, the results are universally believed by Israelis of all stripes, Israelis who otherwise have nothing in common to believe in. Thus, in the end there is an answer and if there isn’t, there is another election and then another, until finally an answer emerges, just like had happened just recently. The answer may be ambiguous, it may make for some strange bedfellows and impossible ad hoc coalitions that exist only by virtue of the utter impossibility of anything different, but there is an answer. The most fundamental question, the question at the basis of Israel’s existence: should there be a Jewish state in the ancient Jewish homeland, has been answered, at least until next time. It took three tries and alas it was a close call, but the answer was there and it was in the affirmative. Most importantly, because everyone believes in the integrity of the election, everyone agrees to abide by its results.

The upcoming election in America is going to address a similarly foundational question: does America have a right to exist or has it forfeited that right by not eliminating slavery at the moment of its creation and not eliminating officially sanctioned racial discrimination for close to two centuries thereafter.

The November 3rd federal election, not only for the office of the presidency, but also for Congress and the Senate should be able to answer that question. Those who believe that America has the right to exist will vote Republican and those who do not believe so will vote Democrat. It’s a simple binary choice. 

I have no idea what the outcome of this poll will be. Is there yet a majority of Americans who believe that America has the moral right to exist? If there is, it’s a very slight one and in any case, this thin majority is very unevenly spread across the half-continent that is occupied by the polity known as the USA. We know from the famous (or perhaps it should be infamous) county-level map of the last presidential election that large majorities in American urban centers are Democrats. We know from the 2018 congressional election, the one form of federal election that, by design, most closely represents the mood of the American citizenry, that majority of Americans are Democrats, i.e. people who do not believe that America should continue to exist in its present form. These are simply facts and these facts alone would be enough to firmly point to a negative prognosis for America’s continued existence as a Constitutional Republic. No nation can live when every single one of its urban centers wants it to die. 

But there is more.

The Democrats saw Obama’s election in 2008 as the end of America and they never tried to hide it. Their victory celebration, however, proved to be a bit premature with the horrendous losses suffered by them in every midterm election during both Obama’s terms. Never mind, they thought, Hillary will deliver the goods. And then she lost. This loss, on the wings of less than a couple hundred thousand strategically placed votes, a mere one sixth of one percent or so of all votes cast, forever killed what remained of the Democrats appetite to hold anything approaching a fair election in America ever again. 

The American election process has always been messy; driven by the states rather than by federal government, it has always suffered from lack of any enforceable standards. The ridiculous early and absentee voting system only added to the confusion. The institution of the Electoral College, righteously designed to delay, somewhat, the inevitable tyranny of the majority, makes it so that one state, no matter how quirky and unreliable its voting system, can swing the fate of the premier global superpower. 

This may sound like a tremendous oversight on the part of the Founding Fathers, but we must remember that they could have never envisioned a country as divided against itself as the America of this day and age. To them, it would have been utterly incredulous that Americans could condone homosexuality, or abortion, or doubt the righteousness of their own country. They designed a system that could adjust the course of the great ship of state ever so slightly based on the wishes of its crew and in consultation with the captain and the officer cadre, not turn it around and chart an entirely different course based on the whim of a mob incited by foreign agents provocateurs. 

Americans, especially American patriots, are waiting with baited breath to get the answer: are they yet the majority in America, or is it a lost cause, a once great machine that must now be broken for parts and sold to the junk dealers of history. 


The machinery of American elections, with or without widespread voting by mail, has been compromised to the point wherein nobody, especially not the ostensibly losing party, will believe the results. There will be no concession speeches in the presidential race of 2020. Heck, there almost wasn’t one in 2016. 

There is a reason why Pelosi says that “one way or another” Trump will be leaving the White House in 2021. That he will be “fumigated” out of there.

She means it and she has no desire to hide it from the public just as Obama had no desire to hide his goal of destroying, or, pardon me, fundamentally transforming, America. Pelosi’s reasoning is hardly original. Stalin had already remarked that what counts is not who casts the votes, but rather who counts them. Pelosi just rephrased this truism. What matter, who matters, are always the elites. They are the ones who do the counting. Sometimes it suits them to count fairly because the results of the fair count are aligned with their own interests. This is what had happened throughout American history; American people and American elites where not that far apart in their worldviews. Today, this is no longer the case. The interests of the vote counters, of the elites, are now aligned with only half or so of the American people, the half that reside in big cities. Trump’s Electoral College victory in 2016 caught them by surprise. They tried to “fix” it via the now well-publicized coup, but due to Trump’s unusual bravery, they failed. That also was an enormous surprise to them.  

This year, they are not about to repeat this mistake. This time, they will count “right”. 

There are two narratives that are now emerging and it will be these two narratives, rather than the election, that will determine the course of history.

The first narrative is the public exposure of the coup plotters, including indictments.
The second narrative is renewed mandatory lockdowns due to the “second wave” of the “virus”.

If there are no indictments and there are indeed widespread lockdowns, the Bolshevik progressive elites will have won regardless of any “votes” and how these votes are cast. If there are indeed indictments of senior level officials like Comey and Brennan, Trump (and America) may yet have a chance, albeit a slim one. If there are indictments of the real criminals, of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, then and only then will America’s survival be assured. 

Are there people who hold FBI badges and are willing to slap handcuffs on Mr. Obama? Is AG Barr willing and able to order them to do so? Perhaps Mr. Barr himself does not yet know. I suspect that he is gaging, measuring every minute of every day, how strong the traitorous cabal in DC really is. He is asking himself if they can be reasoned, dealt with. He wonders whether he can save his own very literal, very physical skin best by dealing with them or by fighting them to the death.

The fate of America and the world lies in the balance; it is Barr’s decisions that will determine the outcome. November 3rd will only put a big red seal of officialdom on whatever the outcome of the death struggle now taking place within the American corridors of power happens to be.