“There is only the Truth!”

I wrote the following in my book “The Promise: Revealing the Purpose of Your Soul”:

“Harriet helps when I lose my courage to speak. I am being told to tell the truth, and since what I am about to speak to is so disturbing to me, it is part of my truth.”

Since the book came out in 2008, the pressure to tell what I see as the truth has only grown. The pressure on others to shut down and not ‘stir the pot’—or other similar instructions—have not lessened. But telling our truth in a way that is not accusatory or adversarial is essential to our survival. Without it, we are not who we came on this planet to be. The difference in living our truth and being confrontational about someone else’s idea of truth is huge. The best way to see the image of being in the moment and trusting our better angels is to visualize a new baby discovering communication. They wiggle every inch of their body, mouths working frantically, eyes wide with “something” they know and are trying to tell us. And it isn’t negative or argumentative. There is a feeling of joyous recognition of you as the recipient of their thoughts.

Half the misery in the world comes of want of courage to speak and hear the truth plainly. 

Harrriet Beecher Stowe, novelist and abolitionist

The antithesis of this is what I wrote about in last week’s article—the argumentative stance of the world that passes for communication. We are not sharing our truth as we feel it, but our opinions as we have formed them. There is a big difference here. When you hear a voice rising, see a finger pointing or a face reddening, be aware. This is someone convinced you are wrong and ready to enforce their path.

The spiritual truth holder lives in the moment. They don’t parrot other commentators or use “proof” based on a show they’ve watched on television. The truth holder lives in the present, in the now, and acknowledges what the heart shows to be true.

If you look for the truth outside yourself, it gets further
and further away.

Tung Sham

The test of truth is always how it feels emotionally. If it resides in anger, resentment, exclusion or hate it is not the truth, but a learned behavior, a group dogma, a habit or falsehood. To tell the truth is to turn inward to the heart and soul and ask how it feels.  Albert Schweitzer once said: “Let us rejoice in the truth wherever we find its lamp burning.” Rejoice! Created truth in the name of convincing one of an argument doesn’t resonate with joy, but a feeling of being forced to turn into a form of someone else’s desire. This is true in partnership, business, religion or any other organized group. If the “truth” being shared with us makes us feel outside or other, it is not truth. If the organization demands our conforming to its truth or our expulsion, then we are not in the presence of truth. Whether it’s the Ku Klux Klan or a country club that excludes someone because of sex or race, this is dogma at its worst, not truth. If, as we saw in my last article on conversation, a person talks over the other, interrupts their answers to pontificate, they are not hearing your truth but in their own ego.

So how do we actually strip away the loud noise of today’s fractured world and find our own truth? Again, it has to do with the heart. We must learn to be in tune with what is called the “higher self,” a part of us that bypasses the everyday chatter. It requires being still in a quiet place. Here is part of the first visualization from my CD “The Promise: Walking Your Path of Truth.”

  • Sit quietly, playing soft relaxing music if you prefer, or using my CD. Close your eyes.
  • Focus your awareness on your heart, and the energy surrounding it. Breathe deeply. If you like to visualize color, the heart color is green.
  • Raise that energy—see it visually or feel it physically—through your heart, up through your head, and out through the top of your head. Breathe deeply. See the energy above your head connecting to the energy of all that is good in the universe. Nothing negative can come here. Take your time and breathe deeply, filling your lungs with fresh air. Thank any guidance that comes to you here, and breathe the energy up into your head.
  • Breathe the energy back down into the heart, down through your lower body, and back up to your heart, like a wave. Breathe deeply.
  • As you relax and continue breathing, see your whole body vibrating with healing green energy. Breathe.
  • Keep your eyes closed, breathing deeply, and ask for any information about your truth and your ability to radiate that in your life. Breathe and gradually let the energy settle into your heart, feeling a sense of peace, calm and joy.
  • Stay quiet for as many minutes as you can, scanning your heart and hearing your heart’s messages. Breathe deeply and quietly, and then allow your body to simply absorb the energy. Open your eyes and return to the room when you are ready.

Do this as often as you can, and see how long you can go about your day centered in your heart. As long as you stay in the present, in your heart, you will not be drawn to the negativity and jagged energy. Whenever you feel attacked or start to sense something negative, simply breathe deeply and imagine your body filled with the protective green energy. Don’t be drawn into other people’s dramas. Know that you are your own truth.

Think of yourself as an incandescent power, illuminated and perhaps forever talked to by God
and his messengers. 

Brenda Ueland, Writer

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For Further Insight:
The writings of Therese Tappouni… “One Woman’s Window” Series

(This, and many other exercises and meditations, can be found in the store as the Gifts of Grief  MP3 at www.theresetappouni.com.) If you don’t have it, put on some quiet music, or just stay in silence.

“The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss”

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