In 1947, Christian ministers were warning the United States about the dangers of allowing our nation to embrace immorality. A young Billy Graham energetically encouraged Americans and people throughout the world not to yield to temptation, but rather to accept being delivered from evil through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

At the time, just about all sectors of society primarily adhered to most accepted morals standards and norms. Overall criminal activity was comparatively rare when compared to our current times. Although I will admit that the violent, brutal arm of the Democrat party was almost constantly terrorizing black Americans via lynchings, burning down black American owned businesses and denying blacks (or negroes) equal access to most of American society.

Yes, even back in 1947, the Democrat party was on the leading edge of wicked practices, as it has been since its founding on January 8th 1828, by supporters of Andrew Jackson. 

Although there was the Jeffersonian Democrat-Republican party founded in the 1790s, it was not of the wicked foundation that became the hallmark of the latter Democrat party we are all too familiar with today.  

Democrat President Andrew Jackson was a bonified hero who should always be honored for successfully repelling the British attempt to capture New Orleans. But he was also a notorious hater of both black Americans and American Indians and supported their cruel mistreatment. Today, the Democrat Party mistreatment of those they do not particularly care for is exhibited through their ravenous support for the murder of babies via abortion. Their disdain of black Americans, especially black men is evident in their historical dealings. One of which included persuading black women to accept not having a husband in the home in exchange for a monthly welfare payment. 

To be fair, that tactic was tried with women of other racial and ethnic backgrounds as well. But only the black females accepted that arrangement in large numbers. The rationale they used was that black men could not adequately take care of their families. In some cases that was absolutely true. Because democrats frequently used Jim Crow laws and violent actions to keep the black man in his nowhere place of low achievement.   

Horrifically, leftist democrats and leftists throughout the world are on a mad mission to literally bring to an end the concept of the unalienable rights of individuals, along with the fundamental belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Bible says that God gave us the right to choose Him and life, or Satan and death. The mere concept of choice means that you and I can FREELY choose to pursue a positive path that can lead to personal growth, achievement and a fulfilled life. But we also can choose the opposite which can lead to negative activities, death and few if any good accomplishments. God so loves and respects us. He wants us to freely choose life or death. Though as the word of God states, He would that we choose life.  

Conversely, Democrats and leftists everywhere only pretend to like those who are dumb enough to accept and follow their dogmatic trail of both societal and personal destruction. From physical slavery, Jim Crow bigotry and racism, lower educational standards, the overthrow of Biblical moral standards, the breakdown of the family. In particular, destroying the importance of fathers, abortion, worldwide human trafficking, pedophilia, beastiality, 57 sexual identities, unnatural sexual practices – to name a few!

Then there is over taxation, class envy, the destruction of childhood innocence, government legal decisions and laws that only increase burdens and bring hardship upon the productive, while rewarding the idle. Those ideals all represent the mindset of United States democrats and leftists throughout the world.  The Democrats and leftists everywhere understand that their ideology is destructive. They also realize that when people have their wits about them, the vast majority will choose a better life road to travel.  

That is why they do not want you to have the liberty to choose life or choose death. Thus, they indoctrinate young students and convince far too many that there are no concrete values and moral standards. 

As far back as the 1800s, Atheist John Dewey set in motion the long time leftist goal of school educators bringing forth an amoral Godless society of dolts who bow to government and curse God. 

Just recently, leftist democrat Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer tried to make it impossible for certain people to acquire Hydroxichloraquine to aid in the treatment of the China Virus. Democrats and leftists everywhere are on the prowl to either kill, steal from, or just plain destroy individuals, certain groups, or society as a whole. 

There is no low, too low for them, for depravity is their chosen path and they will force you into utter oblivion if they get the chance. Because there is no bottom for leftists period. The good news is, “We the People” do have a choice. For I would that you choose life. 

God bless you God bless America and may America Bless God.