While mainstream media have basically blocked out coverage of voter fraud allegations, or have misrepresented or disparaged them, this news blackout is not impacting the views of the American people, who seem increasingly and understandably convinced that the November presidential election was plagued with widespread and likely outcome-altering electoral fraud. In this Episode 21 of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns, Malcolm and Michael return with a message that deviates substantially from that of the mainstream media: The outcome of this presidential election, now over six weeks ago, remains very much undecided as to the number of credible allegations of fraud, each backed by signed legal affidavits, point to fraud that appears likely coordinated to aid Biden in key battleground states. Over 700 signed affidavits have now been signed alleging such fraud, and a new, persuasive, and well-documented report by White House trade advisor Peter Navarro details and categorizes six broad types of fraud and voting irregularities that, he argues, may represent permanent destruction to election integrity if not corrected right now. Malcolm and Michael echo this message, arguing that the time has come for American patriots to rise to this national crisis and demand thorough and objective investigations, including signature comparisons of voters and forensic reviews of voting systems, and any associated corrective remedies to any Electoral College votes.

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For the first time in several weeks, in this episode, Malcolm and Michael also revisit the major scandal of foreign payments to Joe Biden’s family, including his brother and son, from troubling foreign sources, including China, Russia, Ukraine, and likely other nations. They argue that the case for a prompt appointment of a special prosecutor to ensure the investigation continues without political interference should Biden be sworn into office on January 20. Over the past week, they also observe, Fox News host Tucker Carlson properly criticized mainstream media for not covering the Biden, Inc. scandal sufficiently. Yet, Carlson was one of the few media figures who was afforded a review of the Hunter Biden laptop contents and has not yet really revealed the details of what he learned from it. He suggested on the air in the days prior to the election that the contents were of major legal and political consequence. But that has been followed by a strange and still unexplained silence on those contents. Resolving the under-coverage of the Biden scandal might improve if Carlson reveals, as he should, what specifically he observed on what President Trump has labeled Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”

Listen to Hour One, Viewpoint This Sunday: The Immaculate Deception – The anomalies in this election are as if the establishment took out a series of insurance policies, but perhaps Navarro says it best: “This was theft by a thousand cuts across six dimensions and six battleground states.” Lt Col Tony Shaffer brings us up to speed on the election fraud and the cyberattacks on federal agencies. Dr. Peter McCullough will address the risks and dangers of mass-vaccination? Should everyone receive the vaccine? Much more to this story…

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