The year is 2021, and the once great world power, the United States of America, is no more. In place of it is the new Socialist Republic of North America (SRNA), with the figurehead leader Joe Biden filling the ceremonial post of ‘President.’ The true power is held by the People’s Republic of China, and their chosen representative in the SRNA, Democrat Communist Party Chairman Barack Hussein Obama.

Since the private ownership of firearms was now disallowed and a major gun confiscation program was put into place, during the revolution that overthrew the previous Capitalist system of government, many Americans were killed in their homes and on the streets while commuting from one place to another, by marauding mobs of communist zealots indoctrinated and trained in the former American universities.

Under the new order, the owning of private property was not allowed. Everything belonged to the State. Homeowners who had worked their whole lives to purchase a home for their families suddenly found themselves homeless. Their domiciles took from them by Democrat Communist Party officials and given to party loyalists as a reward for informing on anti-revolutionaries.

Others who were allowed to stay in the homes they once owned were forced to open their doors to other families who were unknown to them. If you possessed a four-bedroom house, four families would henceforth occupy that residence by the Democrat Communist Party’s order.

Large camps were constructed near every city where anyone who had not been an enthusiastic member of the Democrat Communist Party would be sent for incarceration, re-education, or liquidation. Mass grave pits were dug near the camps to accommodate the remains of those who refused to conform to party rules. They faced execution for anti-social and anti-party behavior and activities.

Food pantries were established in each district, and citizens could form a line each morning at 0700 hours to obtain the day’s ration of food. Usually limited to one loaf of bread, a vegetable (if available), and a small meat ration until the daily supply ran out. The doors would close promptly as soon as the last of the food for that day was distributed. If you were further back in the line, you would not receive a ration for that day and would have to try the next day again.

An aptitude test would be administered to all children at the age of five years old. Based on the results of the test, children would be enrolled in either more advanced classes for technology or skilled jobs, or in the case of children who scored lower on the test; they would be entered into a program for agricultural workers to pick fruits and vegetables in state-run gardens and farms. Their education path would prepare them for whichever they qualified for, and no deviation would be allowed.

There is no freedom of speech, no freedom of thought, and religion is outlawed. People must adhere to whatever dictates come down from the Democrat Communist Party leadership.

You might think this is a fairytale, but the America of 2021 is headed in this very direction once the Democrats implement their communist policies. Make no mistake about it; Democrats fully intend to implement a communist form of government once they are ensconced and fully in control and can prevent any other political party or ideology to share power, which they will set about doing as soon as they can manipulate the system.

The courts will be packed with extreme leftists jurists who will hold the party line on all rulings they make. 

Equal justice under the law? Forget it if you don’t belong to the Democrat Communist Party. The ruling elites will decide your fate. The situation is dire, and Americans will have to choose between their freedom or becoming a communist state.

Reject the Democrat Party Communists running for office, or learn to start calling each other ‘Comrade.’

Image: SeattlePI