Actors can be very believable. That’s what they do. Great actors and actresses can portray life’s circumstances and engage us to appreciate the many emotions, joyfulness and sometimes the tragedies we experience in life. We tend to trust them. That’s the beautiful side of Hollywood.  

However when these highly developed skills are used to deceive us, that’s an entirely different scenario.

Jussie Smollett appears to have perpetrated a charade on a grand scale. However, It wasn’t just any charade that we could laugh off, but one that was very very serious in nature.

He claimed he was victimized in a Hate Crime, by two assailants who yelled, this is “MAGA” country. He cleverly combined Politics, homophobia and Racism.

A Hate Crime is a serious Federal offense. If it’s proven that he was the Boy who cried wolf, it was he who committed this Hateful crime.

He won’t be getting an Emmy, Tony or Oscar for this performance. But he will be getting the “envelope please” for the Wolf award.

Love RayRay and a Poem

The Wolf of Hollywood

Another sad story
If It wasn’t a spoof
Jussie Smollett
Is the Boy who cried wolf

Look at the rope
That circled my neck
Two large assailants
Two MAGA suspects

Attacking my Gayness
Threw me off of my feet
Tho I didn’t anticipate filming
From web cams on the street

It sounds like Tawana
And the Blazes of Ford
Uncorroborated stories
Ne’re a truth to their word

But the damage is done
A Hypocritical view
Two types of Justice
For him and for you

This clever vignette
Designed to insist
But will the Grand Jury
Indict or slap on his wrist

His career will go on
Media protecting their own
Another slick trick agenda
To remove Trump from his home 

But we always see through this
We’ll never be fooled
We will strike back on the ballot
Yup.. another “Empire” schooled

Written by RayRay 2/21/19©️