What an amazing world we live in! It is exciting to begin each new day knowing who I am and my WHY! Do you know your WHY? Are you in tuned with the One Who brought you here? I am not speaking of your biological parents, but of your creator and Father. Listen as we take this topic on with passion and power “The Voice of Your Life” today on THE ENERGY BAR!

According to Daniel Goodenough; Our world stands on the shoulders of those who followed their visions in the past. Evolution, however you may feel about it, is the by-product of something calling us to a new way. Each time one person, anywhere in the world, listens to that voice coming from within, the world changes in ways hard to map. We know from Chaos Theory that small incremental changes can have enormous effects on systems all over the planet. In this “wired” world, these changes are amplified almost instantly everywhere in the world.

Daniel Goodenough is the author of The Caravan of Remembering, A Road Map for Awakening the Experience of Your Life’s Mission, from Heart’s Way Press. He is co-founder and teacher at The Way of the Heart, an international program of personal growth and self-development. 

He’s worked as a research scientist, professional musician, and graphic designer. He has taught thousands of students in the last 30 years through The Way of the Heart program to discover the authentic path they were meant to live, and how to walk that path in the world. Recently, he has been consulting with companies that want to do business in a new way, with integrity, purpose, and heart.

For Further Insight:
Website: www.caravanofrememering.com
BOOKS: The Caravan of Remembering, A Road Map for Experiencing the Awakening of Your Life Mission:  https://thewayoftheheart.com/new-book/

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