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Our Constitutional Republic is being torn apart, our voices are being censored, suppressed or denied on mainstream media and social media. Our public expression of Patriotism is being criticized, ridiculed, ostracized and physically attacked. The strong silent majority is being blinded, shackled and gagged…

MALCOLM is your voice. A voice that takes the problem up to 35,000 feet, turns it upside down, backwards and forwards. Here we will take on the challenges of our generation so that we can preserve future generations.


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Malcolm Out Loud – As Editor-in-Chief of America Out Loud, Malcolm takes the responsibility of delivering the ‘out loud truth’ most seriously. A dynamic radio personality himself, a champion of those unheard and overlooked in our society; he is distinctive, introspective and magnanimous. He redefines what it means to be ‘out loud’ by offering an objective, authentic, yet heartfelt message.

Host of Viewpoint This Sunday; 10am EST Sunday Morning on the America Out Loud Talk Radio Network. His newest platform, The Brink of Greatness was born to showcase the greatness that thrives in so many of us; to put a spotlight on the good in humanity.

For over two decades, Malcolm Out Loud has worked in America’s corporate boardrooms. He was known as the ‘big idea catalyst’ in the advertising and marketing world, prior to making the leap to the mic in June 2010. He is an Inspirational Speaker with a desire to lift people up through his two keynote messages: BRINKSTORMING™: Your Next Great Idea and UNLOCK YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL: Cure The 5 Human Ailments™.


Americans Protest as Tyrants Rule

States across the country, including Arizona, Mississippi, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, are experiencing large protests over the lockdown as citizens

The Politics of Hydroxychloroquine

Basic science and clinical outcomes studies from more than 10 countries show that Hydroxychloroquine works both before and after COVID-19 enters the cells. It increases

Did the Pandemic Kill Globalism?

Call it compassion in the face of stupidity. Some might even say, America’s political leaders are embracing the hearts of evil dictators. Senator Dianne Feinstein, has

China’s Chess Move

The Chinese government announced that a new strain of virus had infected a number of people in the Wuhan City in a province of China

The Times They Are A Changin’

In 1964, Bob Dylan penned the song, The Times They Are A Changin’. Dylan wanted to express an anthem of change for the time period that we

America’s Pandemic Hope

The extreme changes Americans are experiencing to everyday life, will probably have lasting consequences for decades to come. You might recall from your own life

After the Pandemic

It was America’s good fortune to have really far seeing intelligent men rise to the occasion and form a government of Confederation, one that soon