You’ve been hearing reports of a seafood meat market in Wuhan as the initial spark that caused the pandemic. You might have even seen a bat in soup that some suggest is the cause of the virus. Early reports also say that animal to human contact was the seed of Covid-19. All the early reports and conspiracies circulating are pure fiction. Intelligence sources say otherwise.

So how did China come by the Coronavirus that they so sloppily allowed to fall to the floor and shatter in their bio-lab in Wuhan? China came by the virus by two Chinese agents who stole the virus from another lab in another country thousands of miles away. This other lab was specifically targeted by Chinese agents in what could only be considered as nothing less than Biological Espionage

The story you will hear today is an eye-opener and a game changer. As America and the World invite Chinese students into their schools, businesses and homes⏤they do so at great risk. One of the greatest weaknesses to the security of western secrets is the hiring, employing, using or teaching citizens from China. For our protection, colleges and universities should be cleansed of all Chinese influences including students, visiting faculty and staff, particularly those employed in the sciences. Any of them, a man or woman, could be a spy for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Period.

Unlike the West who only plan only for the next week, the Chinese mind looks ahead to the next century and they see themselves as masters of the world. The west is dangerously dabbling with the seeds of its own destruction by accepting a Communist China as a partner in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, technological development, when it is at minimum a competitor who does not play fair⏤and one that is determined to leapfrog the West and beat them at their own game.

Also joining Malcolm on the program is Col Jim Waurishuk, he is retired from USAF, a career senior intelligence and special missions officer, former Deputy Director of Intelligence at U.S. Central Command and served on the White House National Security Council.

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