This episode asks the question, “What is the value of Freedom”, does it have a place in our lives anymore or is it really a myth that we are free. Has the COVID-19 Pandemic and the rules and regulations associated with it taken away huge chunks of our freedom leaving us at the mercy of power-hungry politicians? What else has stripped our freedom from us?

My guest this week is Jack Pangaro, my 17-year-old son. A very decent young man and a great American patriot. I explore the world of COVID-19 through his eyes as a young person dealing with the changes in our lives and the changes in how we conduct school affecting millions of young people. And finally, we look at the current state of politics and then the upcoming election for clues as to how our freedom will be treated going forward. Will we find ourselves empowered by the results of November 3rd or will we find our selves trapped in a socialist nightmare as our rights and watered down and the state decides what’s best for all of us. Don’t miss it!

Image: LA Times

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