I wonder if any of those lost souls who stood trembling at the deck rails of the unsinkable RMS Titanic just prior to being sucked down into the murky depth of history really believed, for even a micro-second, that they would actually be saved at the very last moment?   

Did they think, irrevocably doomed as they were by the ships captain who ignored ice warnings and steered his mighty vessel, it’s throbbing engines hurtling it forward in a straight course into the icy North Atlantic, all to achieve a speed crossing record, was worth all the hoopla? Did they have to die horribly as they did, frozen in their own deck chairs as they sank to the bottom?  

Captain Pelosi of the SS DNC, against her better judgement, turned control of her ship over to a Junior Officer, Mr. Adam Schiff, who is consciously running her ship of state into the dangerous fields of political machinations that lay dead ahead. There’s a story here but, don’t wait for the book, watch the movie: “The Addlepated Adventures of Adam Schiff.” 

Schiff has doggedly continued his pursuit of invented truth even after ten days of inconclusive, mind numbing testimony, banal comments and startling non-revelations about the conduct of the President of the United States vis a vis, the new President of the Ukraine, and has nothing to show for it. All has been for naught. Not one of Schiff’s hand picked witnesses could confirm any of Schiff’s contentions about a criminal President Donald Trump. Not one!  

Breathless impeachment testimony under Schiff’s withering direct questioning, quickly turned to nonsensical drivel when the Republicans had their turn. The pointed question by Republican Committee members, filled the hastily scribbled note books of reporters present with scathing contradictions by witnesses who weren’t there revealing absolutely no crimes, high or low or even misdemeanors by President Trump. It’s the same queasy feeling one gets when they realize they haven’t eaten anything since their wholesome bowl of morning porridge.  

Next up, is writing Schiff’s official Intelligence Committee Report to be sent to the House Judicial Committee. Oh my God, it’s the first half of “Dumb and Dumber” the hapless Jerry Nadler whose own inept attempt to destroy Donald Trump left viewers reeling in laughter. As we watch this drama unfold, don’t expect Jerry Nadler to ask for assistance from Doug Collins (R-Ga), in drawing up the four articles of impeachment Schiff thinks he has achieved to reset the 2016 election of Donald Trump. It ain’t gonna happen!

I don’t believe Pelosi can really be serious about sending this travesty to the Senate. It’s simply too dangerous for them because the options for proceeding are fraught with unknown traps.

Mitch McConnell won’t just toss it in the trash can as a mad collection of irrelevant, unproven document(s), but he could form a select committee to do that. They would make timely learned recommendations to drop the House Report of Impeachment as only hearsay, or go full trial, waste more taxpayer money and put every body not called to the House hearings, including Schiff and Hunter Biden and, when they lie, slam ‘em. It’s here the Senate can expose all and put an end to the future of the Democrat party.

If Schiff is an example of Democratic political acumen, then he’s a sure bet to run for Governor of California one day. Poor California!

Finally, knowing the new Ukrainian presidents former occupation, I can hardly wait to see his stand-up comedy routine (translated of course) created from the scads of material he picks up after dealing with dysfunctional American bureaucrats of our foreign service. He should be a hoot! 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!