As if the attack on our Christian values and everything this country was founded on, by the Socialist Democrats on the left, along with the threat Political Islam brings wasn’t enough, we also have the vaunted United Nations doing everything in it’s power to alter our way of life.

Attacks on free speech, attacks on gun rights, ending the nuclear family, demanding government-controlled healthcare, insisting we open our borders to illegal aliens, calling for abortion and homosexual marriage to be a “human right”. These are all issues that the U.N. is attempting to shove down the throat of conservative Americans. 

What was once seen as primarily a peace-keeping organization around the globe, has now morphed into a socialist dictators club in the new millennium.

Ultimately, the globalist goal is to turn the UN into a global government that would actively deny individual rights, one that could not be effectively resisted by its victims.

It already has courts, armies, self-styled “law enforcement” and “crime fighting” divisions, and much more. Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon repeatedly referred to the UN as the “Parliament of Humanity.” Former head of the UN General Assembly, Peter Thompson, referred to it as a “master-plan for humanity.”

The United nations was founded by 51 countries on October 24, 1945. Its purpose was to maintain international peace and security. It replaced the League of Nations following World War II and was purported to prevent another conflict. In addition, it was to develop friendly relations among nations and promote social progress, better living standards and human rights around the globe. Due to its unique international character, and the powers vested in its founding Charter, the Organization can take action on a wide range of issues. It provides a forum for its 193 Member States to express their views through the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and other bodies and committees. 

Today, the UN is behaving more and more like the global government it seeks to become. In recent years the UN has escalated its attacks on America on subjects ranging from immigration policy and border security, to abortion, healthcare, and the protection of God-given rights. It is now at the point where senior UN officials are barking orders at the U.S. government as if America were a mere administrative unit in what globalists describe as the “New World Order.”

The implications of the globalist UN’s anti-American, anti-life, anti-family, and anti-freedom meddling are enormous. It’s becoming very clear that the agenda is to subjugate the United States under a global authority that recognizes no fundamental human rights and no power higher than itself.

The United Nations today, is as radical and extreme as all the Socialist Democrats running for president, if not more so. Here are examples of their indignant behavior toward America, and also clearly shows their Marxist, socialist agenda. 

When President Trump and the Republican Congress were working on a plan to repeal ObamaCare, the UN sprang into action. In a letter, Dainius Puras, the UN “Special Rapporteur, on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health,” (yes that is his real title) claimed that repealing the unconstitutional federal takeover of health insurance violated “international law.” As proof, he pointed to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which the United States never even ratified. Puras went on to threaten U.S. officials with “accountability” for failure to comply with “international law.” 

Keep in mind the U.S. Constitution delegates no power over healthcare to the federal government. But the UN doesn’t care, as did neither Obama and Pelosi.

Then there are attacks on Free Speech, our First Amendment, along with attacks on Gun Rights, our Second Amendment. Since the days of the Soviet Union’s push to ban “hate speech” internationally, the UN has been waging war on free speech. The UN actually claims international human rights now requires nations to ban all sorts of speech. Basically, anything the UN deems hate, intolerance, discrimination, and so on.

The UN Human Rights Czar Navi Pillay, a South African who condemned the United States after the killing of Trayvon Martin, offered some chilling insight into the dictator-dominated global body’s views on the fundamental right to free speech. “Defining the line that separates protected from unprotected speech is ultimately a decision which is best made after a thorough assessment of the circumstances of each case,” she argued. In other words, every time somebody speaks, they run the risk of violating the UN-backed restrictions on free speech. And in many nations this is justification for jailing pastors, critics of Islam, critics of homosexuality, critics of mass migration, supporters of marriage, those who disagree with escalating gender confusion, and more.

It’s not just free speech and freedom of the press that are in the UN’s cross-hairs. Gun rights are under threat too. In 2016, after a jihadist with widely reported homosexual proclivities shot up a homosexual bar in Florida, the UN immediately interjected itself. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Hussein, a Islamic prince, claimed the U.S. government has an “obligation” to implement “robust gun regulation.” “It is hard to find a rational justification that explains the ease with which people can buy firearms,” Hussein said, claiming that “evidence” shows firearms make society less safe and that the U.S. government must intervene.

The UN global body has been working hard to force all nations to adopt draconian gun control through the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Among other claims, the treaty purports to grant a monopoly over weaponry to “authorized state parties,” in other words to governments, ignoring the dangers signaled via the 300 million murders perpetrated by governments in the last century alone.

The extremism of the UN’s war against faith, family, freedom and America is accelerating, even with President Trump in the Whitehouse.

The United States MUST defund and withdraw from the entire United Nations monster. A bill to do just that, H.R. 204, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, is currently sitting in the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Want to help save your country?
Call your Congressional Representative and implore them to pass H.R. 204.
This information is easy to find online.

If approved, it would end U.S. membership in, and funding for, the UN and all of its agencies.

President Trump and Congress must put an end to this socialist organization. Also ending U.S Taxpayer subsidies for the UN and its extremism, before the UN and its allies put an end to a free America, the greatest experiment in political liberty ever conceived.

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