America the beautiful, the greatest country in the world. God shed His grace on thee. Our country has been the shining star of the world, especially since the “Industrial Age”. We’ve built more, engineered more and have been the driving force in helping mankind around the globe, more than any other country. We’ve developed the most technological advances known to man, which have created more jobs and helped more people than any other land. We have been at the leading edge of advances in medicine in every aspect, be it artificial limbs, surgeries, along with medications to save lives.

America has been first in so many ways, aviation with the Wright Brothers in 1903, the first mass produced affordable automobile, Ford’s Model T. The first nuclear reactor in 1942, Trans-Oceanic Cable Communications in 1858, the modern submarine in 1900, the Panama Canal in 1914 provided easy access between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, which changed world commerce. Motorola, an American company introduced the cell phone in 1973. The Internet was an American concept actually put forth by the US Government in the 1960’s. The Apollo series spacecraft put Americans on the moon in 1969, the start of our reach further into space.

If not for America, the French, Britain and other countries in Europe would all be speaking German today. Our brave men and women, who fought and died to provide their freedom. All, while fighting another enemy, Japan and their Imperialistic government. America and her brave soldiers have fought and died for freedom across the globe, more than any other country in the world. We have given more in resources to help other countries around the globe than any other as well. America has given more opportunity to immigrants, legal immigrants, than any other. And this is the short list of what has made America the greatest land on the planet. These many accomplishments have contributed to what’s referred to as American pride. We are a very proud nation, and deservedly so. We are far from perfect, but show me a place on this earth where you’d rather live. Where you have the freedom and opportunities which we have here.

Yet, sadly, we have a faction of our population which doesn’t share in the American dream, which doesn’t share in the joy, accomplishments and pride in which the majority shares in. They are called, Liberals or Socialists. They are dream slayers, pride killers and haters of America, disguising themselves as caring Americans. They want to rewrite history and denigrate America for all the evil things we’ve done, in their minds. They have a perverse twisted view on reality, but it’s their perception and their reality. Their goal in life is to “fundamentally change” America, which translated, means destroy America as we’ve known it. They are not God-fearing people, just the opposite. Most of them have no belief in God, and therefore, their core human values do not align with Christian Americans. The non-belief in a power bigger than themselves and the Son of God, leaves them without a moral compass.

Without that moral compass, liberals are left to wallow in their evil ways, and sadly have not a clue of the true happiness of what it really means to be an American. In their monolithic world, they derive joy from seeing freedom taken away from others, yet proclaim it as best for everyone.

Liberals are largely filled with venom, anger and hatred toward anyone who might disagree with their unique perspective of changes to our country. They ultimately do not believe in free speech, our First Amendment. Many, do not even believe in the American Constitution, which has been the basis of who we are, for nearly two hundred and fifty years.

Basically, they are a cancer to what has made America so good, so great, and provided much of the human race to live, love and enjoy life. After all, isn’t that ultimately what we’re here for? In a strange way, I almost feel bad for this part of our population. Their determinants and lack of a God loving soul, drives them toward non-Christian values, which is what America grew up on. It’s what our forefathers wanted, and expected, when they wrote our Constitution.

Most of these people will never know what it feels like to have American pride and love their country. For this reason alone, it’s very sad to be a Liberal. If they only knew.

May God Bless America.