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The Uncomfortable Truth From The Heartland

Americans need to face the Uncomfortable Truth that our Constitution is under attack, every day, right under our noses. It is pervasive, and it is dangerous to Americans who value their rights and their freedoms.

The Uncomfortable Truth is a weekly show on the America Out Loud Network, hosted by former Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson and retired Detective Dan Jackson, along with a variety of guests. Discussion focuses on the “Ferguson Effect” on the entire nation, and the overt socialist assault on American society and our Constitutional rights. By August 10, 2014, it became obvious that the justifiable killing of Michael Brown by Police Officer Darren Wilson, in the defense of Wilson’s own life as he attempted to effect a felony arrest, was being used as a battle cry by people controlling an agenda far bigger than Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown became the false idol for an overt, aggressive, and well-funded agenda against American society.

In this show, we discuss that effect, and how the full-on socialist agenda is wearing down our society, our freedoms, and more so, our Constitutional rights.


Tom Jackson

Ferguson Chief of Police Tom Jackson began his employment with the City of Ferguson on March 8, 2010. Prior to taking that position, Chief Jackson was a Captain with the St. Louis County Police Department, where he served for 31 years, the last 12 of those years as the Commander of the St. Louis County Drug Task Force. During his time with St. Louis County PD, Jackson served as a SWAT team operator and supervisor, airplane and helicopter instructor pilot, undercover detective and hostage negotiator. Prior to becoming a police officer Jackson worked as an EMT-Paramedic for Christian Hospital EMS. Chief Jackson has received numerous awards, including the Medal of Valor, Meritorious Service Citations, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) recognition for Outstanding Task Force Commander (2003) and Distinguished Service Award from the Director of ONDCP. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Management and is a graduate of the 221st Session of the FBI National Academy. Chief Jackson is the author of the best selling book “Policing Ferguson, Policing America”

Dan Jackson

Detective Dan Jackson had a career in public service which spanned nearly four decades. He retired from the St. Louis County Police Department (Missouri), where he spent more than ten years as a Firearm & Toolmark Examiner in the Crime Laboratory, examining thousands of cases involving firearms, toolmarks, footwear, and tire tracks. His laboratory assignment followed several years in the Crime Scene Unit as a Crime Scene Investigator, investigating and reconstructing countless crime scenes. During his law enforcement career, Jackson served in such varied positions as uniformed police officer, detective, and, for three years, Chief of Police of suburban Cottleville, MO. Before his law enforcement service, Jackson served more than a decade as an EMT-Paramedic in the busiest emergency medical services system in the State of Missouri. He is a retired Sergeant First Class (and former Army Drill Sergeant Leader) from the US Army Reserve. He is also an accomplished musician and an avid observer of human behavior and societal trends.


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