The Uncivil Rights Movement

There is no civil rights problem in America, despite what some would have you believe. Because in America, everyone enjoys equal protection under the law, whether you are White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian. But there is a monumental uncivil rights problem surging across the country. It affects everyone in our nation, but lately, the most oppressed minority in America is bearing the brunt of its vicious and unjust attacks.

The American Law Enforcement Officer is the minority group, of which I speak. Numbering only 900,000 and spread out over 18,000 Law Enforcement Agencies. It is these men and women who have been savagely attacked physically, judicially, administratively and politically.

The hypocrisy of the media and political leaders in not only failing to report or even address the uncivil rights crisis reveals much about the climate of social and political breakdown permeating our nation.

Weak-minded and biased people search for scapegoats upon which to blame for their own inadequacies – and the police are an easy target. Can you imagine if the media had treated anyone from a different minority group as they treated the Police Officer in Ferguson, Missouri – who merely defended his own life and did his duty when he shot Michael Brown? When political leaders and sports figures perpetuated the lies of ‘HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT’ that saw cities burn, officers attacked, publicly ostracized and even forced to flee their homes to safeguard their families, where was the outrage?

Where were the calls for tolerance and understanding of the police by our leaders? Where were the compassion and empathy? There was only blame laid at the feet of those who SERVE AND PROTECT, those who each day risk their lives for others, those who die every 58 hours in the performance of their duties.

Our nation is on the brink of a monumental failure of our values in justice, kindness, compassion and integrity. Everytime we accept the lies of those who lead – another tear appears in the fabric of our nation. Everytime we watch and simply shake our heads impotently as we see the Mayor and Police Commissioner and State Attorney of a major city, vigorously arrest and prosecute their police officers while allowing businesses and homes to burn, officers to be viciously attacked and injured – another brick is stolen from the foundation of our system of justice. Everytime good people stand silent while another media personality or celebrity like Oliver Stone or Danny Glover publicly take up the cause of a convicted ‘cop killer’ – our collective soul diminishes.

It is time for an awakening. A time for Americans who have stood silent too long, to stand up and say, ‘ENOUGH!!’, That I will stand with those who serve. That I will be silent no longer. That I will believe in justice for all, black, white and blue.


Lieutenant Randy Sutton