The mission of the left is to destroy the nuclear family and teach the kids a socialist agenda. Notice that the indoctrinated children that went through school⏤are now of voting age, and they now believe that America is bad, and racist and greedy and they should be cared for by the “STATE”. These are the people you now see looting your stores, vandalizing your buildings, streets and homes; while rioting, shooting, terrorizing citizens and striking out at law enforcement. They have been told that America is everything bad and socialism is everything good. In the mean time, parents have been too busy to realize what their children were being taught while they were off making a living.

They are destroying America from within. It has been building for years, and now we are reaping the horrible rewards of a lost generation. Our education system is in shambles. Just recently I had a chance to look at the school-books being used to teach “sex education” to our children. Don’t think they are not in your town, they are!

School books showing graphic pictures of adults fornicating nude and descriptions of all forms of birth control. These books are being used in your schools for your kids in 3rd grade. The school districts have usurped our parental rights to teach our children subjects they have no business teaching in a manner that is repugnant. Parents should be the ones to decide when their children are taught these lessons, the school has no place teaching this. Along with the pictures there is a list of “permissions” in the book that can be checked off if your third grader feels it’s ok with him/her to have someone touch them in a list from hand holding to outright intercourse. That list provides a sort of a permission slip for the other person to act out those scenarios without repercussion appears to be their game-plan.

Why are these books allowed in our schools?

Our colleges are almost entirely staffed by far left professors. Many of my friends tell me of the dramatic changes they see in their college-age young adults as they are re-educated about the ugly Americans and the bad America, instead of the Exceptional America.

I see an absolutely angry group of Americans following Joe Biden, despite everything that is in front of them to show the failure of the Obama/ Biden years. Despite the abysmal record of Kamala Harris who laughs about sleeping her way to the top, she has no knowledge of what America is. She bails out the people rioting and looting, is the most vile and disrespectful to Justice Kavanaugh, and changes her positions by the day, yet people will blindly follow Biden/Harris off a cliff.

The anger is palpable on the left⏤all over Twitter, Facebook and in the mainstream media; insults, lies and deceit, all day, every day. The left is threatening to destroy our way of life.

They are threatening to stack the court and impeach the President and stuff the ballot boxes with illegal ballots, all if they don’t get their way. We are nearing civil unrest and indeed civil war.

Conservative ideals are blocked and left leaning are promoted freely. Even once respected publications like National Geographic have jumped into the dis-information fray, as they are now owned by leftists. I get so frustrated reading the articles that are absolutely incorrect, egging people on with Breonna Taylor untruths as though they are facts. Spreading misinformation and promoting unrest and distrust of one another seems to be the rule, rather than unbiased reporting of news.

People don’t know what is true anymore. They don’t know how to find the truth, where to find the truth, who the liars are and who are the truth tellers. This electorate scares me. So much is riding on understanding the work our President has done and will continue to do for Americans first and foremost. He takes no salary. He has made huge differences in world politics to the benefit of America. He brought our boys home from other nations. He supports the military, supports the police, supports America. We had the best economy in my lifetime, until China set loose Covid on the world. Not just on America, on the entire world. But the liars speak louder and the truth is fleeting.

Joe Biden cannot possibly negotiate for America like President Trump can. He is in bed with our enemies. His family has received millions from Ukraine, Russia, China and more. Not so with President Trump. He is beholden to no one, but America.

The left has allowed Black Lives Matter, a Marxist group intent on destroying the rule of law and America as we know it, along with Antifa and other domestic terrorists to thrive in a hateful atmosphere, to ruin our homes and businesses. The leftists defund our police and let criminals out of prisons. Biden and Harris are a joke, and their policies are no laughing matter!

We as Americans are at each others throats. It has gotten very ugly, very quickly. We need to come together to fix America before we lose it and become a casualty of history.

I don’t care if people don’t like President Trump on twitter, or his personality. I care that he is the one who will be on the side of America one hundred percent of the time.