What President Trump refers to as the “DC swamp”, is nothing but a branch office of the Left Coast techno-oligarchy, a corrupt miasma of bootlickers and invertebrates, both in uniform and out, armed with law enforcement badges and Ivy League diplomas, who have long since sold their souls to America’s enemies. As Trump himself often admits, he underestimated both the depth and the viciousness of this swamp by orders of magnitude. This mistake, born out of a certain naiveté, has been the only chink in Trump’s armor, but it may yet prove to be a fatal one.

How Trump managed to get elected in 2016 and remain in office to this very day is the stuff of legends, but with the China virus, they managed to knock him back on his heels. If there is one thing that the Left Coast overlords know, it is that if Trump is still in the Oval Office on January 21st, 2021, he will not repeat the mistake he made four years ago.

In his second term Trump will finish the job and vanquish America’s occupiers, ideologically, financially, and even physically. There will be a top to bottom restructuring of America’s academia, a breakup of the tech monopolies, and many people who had betrayed America will find themselves behind bars.

This is an outcome that the tech oligarchs cannot allow. They are now fighting for their own survival. Hence the overt and illegal actions, hence the scorched earth tactics. These people have no future with Trump in the White House. But there is more. If they manage to get Trump out, their takeover of America will be complete. The shell will remain, but the contents will be diametrically opposed to what they used to be. The Americans who yet believe in America’s founding principles will overnight acquire the status of “byvshiye liudi”, the “former people” of the early USSR. They will be oppressed, repressed, and enslaved.

To give you a bit of history⏤I now live in a part of Canada that was substantially founded by Loyalists. Who were these people? They were Americans, born in the thirteen original colonies, likely second, third, or even fourth generation. But they saw the folks in Devonshire, England, as closer to them than their next-door neighbors from Lexington, Massachusetts. In fact, so bitter was the dispute between them and their Patriot friends that when they found themselves on the losing side of the Revolutionary War, they could not contemplate remaining in their ancestral lands in the Carolinas, or in the Mid-Atlantic, or in New England, and relocated to the much less developed Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to start their lives anew.  

Since these Loyalists did not actually know people from Devonshire, it was not them that they were loyal to. Rather, they were loyal to an idea, the idea of the mighty and transcendent British Empire, an idea that would be much diminished by an independent United States of America.

Those Americans who fought on the side of George Washington were loyal to something much more tangible. They were loyal to their families, their communities, their congregations. Most of all, they were loyal to the idea of independence; of being able to chart one’s own destiny. The notion that representatives from Devonshire and Shropshire, from Cornwall and from Kent, sitting in a building on the banks of a river separated from them by three thousand miles of ocean would make decisions on their behalf seemed ludicrous to them.

Today, we are witnessing in America conditions that are eerily similar to those that prevailed on the continent in the late seventeen hundreds. As we clearly saw just this week, our destinies are not determined by our elected representatives on the shores of the Potomac, but rather by a secretive cabal on the shores of the Pacific. 

In rare photographs, the employees of companies like Twitter and Facebook look like people who are utterly unrepresentative of the America that exists just a short drive away from the coast. These people are mostly female, clearly single, most having gone to some length to express their cultural belonging via the color of their hair, their tattoos, their piercings, etc. These people have less to do, on every level from the ideological to the genetic, with the people they rule than the people in the British Parliament had in common with pre-revolutionary Americans. 

Members of Parliament representing English constituencies were White and Christian. So were substantially all Americans. These people were separated by an ocean, but shared ties, both cultural and blood, which transcended the physical distance between them. This was the whole point of the Loyalists. 

Patriots did not deny these ties, but saw them as an insufficient reason to give up the notion of independence.

Today, American families are lorded over by much lesser folks and by folks much less related to them on every level than their 18th century ancestors. The people who operate the vast Left Coast techno-oligarchy have less than nothing in common, spiritually, religiously, genetically, and politically with their subjects across America. This is not something that they are unaware of. In fact, it is the awareness of this difference that drives their every action. 

While America’s colonial masters, the British, saw in its people perhaps somewhat less sophisticated kinfolk worthy of cultivation and protection, America’s masters today see in its populace nothing but a collection of evolutionary dead-enders whose demise they fervently wish for and indeed are working towards.

The entrance exam to be employed by the techno-oligarchy is to hate America and embody within oneself every aspect of this hatred. Regardless of your skills in coding or human resources administration, you will not be hired by Twitter or Google if you are a white pregnant woman. It is as simple as that. 

It is well-known that the Revolutionary War of 1776 was first and foremost America’s first civil war. It pitted brother against brother, sister against sister. On one side was the pragmatic “leave me be” ideology of the Patriots. On the other, the “we owe everything to Britain and nothing we can ever do will make us as great as her” ideology of the Loyalists. 

Today, as we are entering America’s third civil war, the battle lines are different. On one side are those Americans who see in the Left Coast techno-oligarchy and its globalist ideology a guiding light and in its “diverse” workforce the future of America. They believe (like some fanatical religious cults did) that reproduction is disgustingly dirty, better left for less-evolved humans from places like Latin America and the Middle East, people who can be imported to wait tables and produce babies. They believe that the Judeo-Christian principles of the sanctity of life and a morally just Creator are a bunch of bunk designed to guilt people into putting down their crack pipes. They believe, most importantly, that those who do not share their beliefs have no rights whatsoever; not the right to peaceably assemble, nor the right to freely speak, nor the right to practice their religion, and certainly not the right to keep and bear arms.

On the other side of this civil war are Americans. 

You see, my friends, the creature that is fighting America, the enemy that has her down for the count, is of her, but it is not her. The Dorseys and the Zuckerbergs of this world are Americans in name only as is made evident by their hatred of America. 

They hate America with the passion that only a prodigal son can feel towards a father who gave him everything, who made him into what he is today, and it is precisely that fact that enrages him the most. 

Acting upon this hatred, these creatures who, like the monster in Alien, destroyed America by the mere virtue of their own birth, are now fighting tooth and nail against her resurgence.

The massive, out in the open censorship operation against the undeniably true story in the New York Post that exposed a merest fraction of the vast racket that is the Biden family is a case in point. Dorsey and Zuckerberg don’t give a hoot about appearances anymore. Neither are they scared of the subpoenas issued by GOP senators whom they consider, rightly, to be utterly powerless and on most of whom they have amassed piles of compromising materials. They are scared of only one individual in the entire world: President Donald Trump.

They are scared of him because as a developer in New York he had decades of experience dealing with the Mafia, which as we know, controls the construction business in that city. They are scared of him because, like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, he represents in his imperfect frame the perfection that is the American ideal. He GETS it. He viscerally understands what made America great and what can bring her down. He knows that while compassion to all is an American value, it is unity, not diversity that has always been America’s true strength. He knows that it is the individualism of the Smoky Mountains rather than the herd mentality and hero worship of Silicon Valley that made America prosper. Most of all, he knows that it is the good graces of the Creator, His gaze falling benevolently upon America’s fruited plains that made the American success story possible. 

America’s Left Coast overlords know what made America great and like all successful conquerors they know what they must destroy to make her weak. They know that they must destroy women, children, families, communities, churches. They know that they must herd Americans away from learning useful skills like welding and carpentry and into the ideological indoctrination camps known as liberal arts colleges and universities. They know that they must destroy the previously well-known American value of frugality and enslave America to shiny objects, the playthings of Mammon. 

There are rare moments in history when one battle determines the outcome for decades and even centuries to come. Such is the 2020 presidential election in America. Don’t ask yourself “is she perfect”; ask yourself “is she yet worthy of my love.” If she is, vote Trump.