Many of my fellow Americans who foolishly listened to and believed Q, the self-proclaimed know-it-all who fooled millions of people into believing that Joesph Biden would never become the president, must be wondering, what the hell happened? 

Although I did not trust the “Q.” I did believe that President Trump would not leave the White House until after he completed his second term. There was the obvious concern that many of us shared⏤the possible high-tech rigging of the election. Anyone with an open-mind plainly understood that in the battle of ideas, the Democrats and Joe Biden would lose in a landslide to President Trump. In fact, as the evidence shows, Biden did lose to President Trump. Everywhere the Dominion voter machines were utilized, votes for Trump were reversed, wiped out and replaced, or illegally transported from one state to another by the boxloads and added into the count to tip the totals in favor of Joe Biden. The fact that every court that was approached to hear the matter refused to do so on procedural matters⏤should have been enough to help every American understand that “We the People” were bamboozled. 

Last September, when I was in Washington D.C. to address a patriotic Christian encounter event, I witnessed one of our fellow speakers praying with and for former Attorney General William Barr. It was a bit unnerving to see how he flinched when the individual prayed for Barr’s integrity. I told several people that I no longer trusted Barr. It was apparent that he would fail President Trump in a huge way when it most counted. Yet, I was told repeatedly that Barr was the real deal and that I should not be so quick to judge Barr so negatively. I was still certain that Trump would be reelected, but Barr was not to be trusted. Thereafter, I kept my opinion about AG Barr and resigned to watch the terrible events unfold regarding the election process, including Barr’s betrayal. Barr was not alone in the betrayal of President Trump; many other Republicans also betrayed Trump to curry favor with the Chinese Communist Party and the leftist democrats seeking to kill, steal, and destroy our beloved Republic.  

The Biden Administration has already wiped out over 52,000 jobs by halting the Keystone Pipeline project.

Even leftist Canadian prime minister Trudeau energetically begged Biden not to stop the project. Unlike Trudeau and leaders of other nations, Biden intends to ruthlessly saddle the United States with the same level of regulations and taxes already imposed upon the one-time golden state of California. Former Obama administration official Eric Holder said they would destroy California, then spread that destruction throughout the nation. The election of Donald Trump halted that dastardly mission. 

But now it is full-on again, thanks, but no thanks, to the theft of the election and handing over to Biden and his miserable globalists. Organizations like Council for a Livable World, a powerful yet largely unknown globalist organization started in 1962, have, according to the noted researcher, Trevor Louden, been infiltrating the United States government intending to oversee the disarmament of our military and steal our advanced military technology. They have been more successful in stealing our technology. 

According to Louden, Joe Biden has been working for the communist front group Council for a Livable World since 1972. So much for Biden ever being a centrist moderate.

 Every time I hear those dragon media deceivers on FOX, CNN, or wherever, mention Joe Biden being a moderate, I would cringe with embarrassment on behalf of the hapless saps who would believe such drivel. 

The council for a Livable World has helped over 200 Senators and approximately 300 Representatives since the 1970s. All of which have helped push the United States to become a communist society. Both the Democrat and Republican Parties have and continue to be well represented in their deviant scheme. The Council for a Livable World was set up by a man who came to the United States from Hungary after the revolution. He was a nuclear physicist and worked on the Manhattan Project, which was the effort to develop our first nuclear bomb. He was viewed as a security threat, but as usual, with such matters, he was allowed full engagement and filtered our military know-how to Russia.   

Throughout the years, the Council for a Livable World has influenced numerous negotiations our nation has engaged in, particularly with Russia on nuclear and conventional weapons agreements. Their role was to make sure the United States ends up at a disadvantage in such agreements. President Trump was seeking to renegotiate the treaty with Russia because of those disadvantages. But just recently, Biden declared that he wants to extend the current U.S. Russia nuclear agreement another five years. Biden was one of the first senators to accept payments from the Council for a Livable World back in 1972 for helping to undermine our Republic for communist gains. Now he is in the White House doing their bidding and seeking to push for Communist China interests.  

America the beautiful is in a hideous situation due to foolish choices, indoctrination, traitorous government officials, and a declining moral value system. Only God knows where we go from here. May we seek His Providential guidance, and perhaps we may yet win this high tech version on a tyrannical war against our liberty.

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God bless you, God bless America, and may America bless God.