During Barack Obama’s second term the Iranian military captured a U.S. Naval vessel in the Arabian Gulf – note I refer to it as the ‘Arabian Gulf’, NOT the ‘Persian Gulf’. The American sailors were paraded around and publicly humiliated and made to kneel before their Iranian captors, hands resting atop their heads in a sign of surrender.

Eventually the American Sailors were released, but only after Iran humiliated them and the United States in front of the entire world. And after this humiliating treatment of American service members by Iran the then Secretary of State John Kerry actually “thanked” the Iranians for the return of the American Sailors once they were released from captivity to U.S. officials.   

The leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran has made no secret of the fact that they still view the United States as “The Great Satan”, and they often predict that the United States will be eventually destroyed, along with the “Little Satan” Israel.

Iran has been at war with the United States since 1979 when President Jimmy Carter allowed them to take over our embassy in Tehran and hold American diplomats hostage for four hundred forty-four days. And because of American indecision and weakness exhibited by Jimmy Carter, Iran suffered no real consequences for committing an act of war against the United States. Oh we froze some financial assets of theirs and held onto them. That is until those billions of dollars were given back to Iran by Barack Obama.

Recently President Trump and Iranian President Rouhani got into a somewhat contentious exchange – via Twitter naturally – and once again the Iranians made empty threats against the United States. The Iranians have made threats against the U.S. repeatedly over the years since the Iranian revolution that occurred on President Jimmy Carter’s watch back in 1979.

The difference this time is that the Iranians no longer have an indecisive Jimmy Carter, or a weak and incompetent Barack Obama who they can push around. President Trump’s response to the Iranian president that was delivered via Twitter in all capital letters basically translated into Farsi to “EAT ME” !

President Trump is cut from a different cloth than Barack Obama. Just as Ronald Reagan was from Jimmy Carter. And while Democrats and liberal heads explode once again over something the president has said or done – just as they repeatedly did under President Ronald Reagan, the fact of the matter is that a very clear message was being sent to the Iranian leadership.

And that message is that America is not the weakened country it was under Barack Obama anymore. “There’s a new sheriff in town”, and Iran better understand that their bombastic threats and aggressive actions in the Arabian Gulf will no longer be tolerated. Just as the little “Rocket Man” in North Korea has learned, America has returned to reclaim its leadership role in the world.

It certainly is a possibility that Iran will continue to use proxies and other resources to confront U.S. interests overseas. And to perhaps even conduct attacks right inside the United States using groups like MS-13, as we continue our efforts to curb Iranian adventurism in Yemen and to stop Iran from reaching its goal of obtaining nuclear weapons. (Another reason why President Trump is right in deporting MS-13 thugs who have entered our country, and preventing additional ones from coming into America to wreak havoc.)

Iran’s nuclear weapons program – and make no mistake about it that is exactly what it is, a nuclear weapons program, was clearly hastened by the weakness displayed by Barack Obama with the one-sided ‘agreement’ negotiated by his Secretary of State John Kerry. While the Obama Administration didn’t have the stomach nor inclination to go up against Iran, Under President Trump “the times they are a changin”.

The reality is that the United States has two options. We can face the Iranian threat head on and do what we can to remove the current leadership, or we can sit back and “hope they leave us alone”. The first option will definitely be difficult and costly, but the second option will ultimately end up being even more costly for our nation.  

The Islamic Republic of Iran has no intention of ending their terrorist support around the world. They are committed to the destruction of Israel, and ultimately the destruction of the United States of America.  

But Iran needs to understand that when they receive an ‘ALL CAPS’ Tweet from Donald Trump, they better not take it lightly. As I said, “there’s a new sheriff in town”.