The big story of the week is a new edition of Spy vs. Spy…

U.S. Attorney General William Barr changed the course of conversation with one word, three letters… SPY.

No collusion. No obstruction of justice. However that will not stop the speculation and the media narrative that has been at the top of newscasts for over two years. The media has successfully avoided reporting any good news from the administration⏤with their clamor of RUSSIA.

In other top stories: Sanctuary Cities and the President’s proposal to send tens of thousands of illegals to guess where?⏤Sanctuary Cities. Democratic leaders responded with an enthusiastic HELL NO. 

Candace Owens a white nationalist? Bernie Sanders gets tough at his FOX town hall, and much more where this all came from as Ray Brookstein takes the host role from Ilana Freedman this week. Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality, an author who writes about real Americans on the front lines with a focus on Patriotism. Kat the Hammer is a retired LEO, who is laser focused on the political landscape.

Irvin R. Brookstein (aka) Ray Brookstein, is an American Poet and Author who has distinguished himself on social media for the past four years. His unique style combines Poetry and Politics expressing a strong Patriotic voice and important messaging, about the dynamic, yet divisive, political climate facing our Country. His two published poetry books, “The Trump Chronicle” years 1 & 2, have received wide acclaim as they record the myriad of events of the Trump Presidency through fervent and Patriotic poems. And now you can listen to Ray on his very own talk show on America Out Loud Talk Radio, 2 PM EST Weekdays. MORE ON RAY BROOKSTEIN HERE.