America is anything but stable and transparent, that went out the window with Obama’s Deep State. Compared to the Trump administration Obama re-invented the dark ages where lies are the truth and the truth doesn’t matter because they are lies, and the truth is what we (Democrats and the media) say it is.

Who is responsible for the instability in American politics? It’s the media of course, totally and completely! If they don’t have a story they’ll make one up. If they have a story they don’t like, they’ll change the facts to fit the theory. If they don’t like someone, they’ll set about ruining them. They flood the airways with “stuff and nonsense” and expect, nay, demand that America should believe them because they are journalists of the “fourth estate” working in the best interests of all Americans.

Presently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been conned by the recently elected Marxist cabal of AOC’s admirers, to agree Trump must be impeached. Nancy did say “we can’t let him (Trump) win again. When Nancy made her remarks on the subject public, she looked as nervous as a Clinton witness. Nancy knows that Trump has “Trumped” everything the Democrat party wants to do, including impeaching him. Even after Mueller’s total failure as the Left’s shining knight for the Deep State’s treasonous coup plotters, including Hillary Clinton, Trump has never stopped doing what he campaigned he would do, making America great again. Ever since his first successes in rolling back Obama’s marxist policies, the Left’s derangement syndrome has grown more deranged and violent. They should all be “Red Flagged.”

Nancy knows the future of the Democrat Party looks dim because they can only offer Americans nothing but failed Marxist theories. And sadly, the line up of Democrat nimrods wanting to be President in the brave New World Order, are confirming those fears to the American electorate.

The most recent deranged complaint is Trump’s phone calls to the new Ukrainian president about Joe Biden son’s involvement, at $50,000 per month salary, with a corrupt Ukrainian energy company. Joe bragged about it to the Council of Foreign Affairs. It’s on record and we’ve all seen and heard his words. But somehow, to Democrats, it’s Trumps’ fault for even speaking to the Ukrainian president. And that begs this question: who is authorized, outside some of the Presidents White House staff to listen in let alone criticize what the President says? Who is this third hand, hearsay, deep state CIA plant on Trump’s staff who hides his perfidy as a “Whistleblower?” This person has committed a criminal act. He is the Aaron Burr of our time. He should be hanged. We used to do that to spies you know!

So, having failed in every attempt to impeach Donald Trump or make him quit, the Democrats should be about out of ammunition. Oh, sure they’ll think up some other outrage the media can scream about but they still must have something to offer and they don’t. Bernie Sanders is a Bolshevik, not even a Democrat. The depth of the Democrat line up is depressingly shallow, filled with Leftists trying to outshine each other by moving even further left. If Obama was bad enough already, then what’s left? Joe Biden? He actually is on record bragging about bribing another country’s President to stop them from investigating his son. I wonder, did Hunter Biden register as an agent of a foreign country, to include China? Just asking!

The Democrats, as a party, are fractured into little pieces each contending with the other except, for the moment, of agreeing about “ridding themselves of that damned priest.” In the meantime the old Democrat faction of Nancy Pelosi and her bunch, have no clue how to compete with the Marxist oriented millennials the party brought in to help bolster its flagging leadership ranks. Instead of finding candidates who are experienced, qualified and American, they sought out  bartenders, Muslim activists who hate America and really ignorant members of the victim class who believe government should supply all their daily needs at the expense of others.

The Democrats, in their disarray, have become a sham party, one of wealthy politicians and millennials without leadership, without direction and without purpose except to hold onto power that can only be achieved by getting rid of Donald Trump. Fat chance!

What’s going on here is being reflected around the world. Socialism is in retreat or at least in self-defense mode. Conservative Americans see Democrats through the lens of trying to negate our election of Donald Trump. It’s happening in Great Britain too, The One World Order crowd in Britons parliament, has been fractured by its Socialist House Speaker who is as determined as Boris Johnson is to leave the European Union (Brexit), to allow that to happen, to negate the vote of the British people because their ‘Betters’ know better.

2016 was a watershed year for American politics. Obama was finished and we Americans still haven’t seen his college records, been told why he is listed as an editor of a College law review when nobody can even prove he was at that college; why he qualified as a foreign student in California (a fraud) when he wasn’t a foreign student? Or was he? Where his daughters were born or how he became a multimillionaire as a one term Senator and a two term president.

If the Democrats, even in their fractured state, wish to remain loyal to their delusions, then there can be no further dialog, no further negotiations, no more appeasement of principles to Marxist orthodoxy just to get along. There must be another solution.

Yes, the only remaining option, is for Americans to keep their powder dry and stay prepared. The Democrats are deranged and out of control. They will touch off the battle. Believe it.  Image: AP

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!