The North American Free Trade Agreement was another tool incorporated by the swamp to help destroy America. There can be no other reason why any president or government would agree to such a deal. I’d like to say, it was the most unbalanced and unfair trade deal made by American politicians, but the Iran Nuclear deal might take first place in the category of stupid deals. I digress. Difficult as it may be to believe, NAFTA was actually the brainchild of Ronald Reagan, who made this part of his presidential campaign. Although, I’m quite sure Reagan did not have in mind the final result. In 1988, the administration of George H. W. Bush, Canada and Mexico agreed to negotiate what became NAFTA.

The agreement for ratification, was then submitted in the capital of all three countries. On December 8th, 1993 Bill Clinton signed it into law, passed by the Senate, 34 Republicans and 27 Democrats, all agreed this was a great deal for America. Clinton, infamously stated “NAFTA means jobs, American jobs, and good-paying American jobs”, “I believe that NAFTA will create a million jobs in the first five years of its impact.” He had no basis to make such a prediction, it was simply a number grabbed out of thin air by his speech writer Michael Waldman. This was the beginning of Clinton’s Pinocchio nose.

The reasons NAFTA was a death sentence to American manufacturing, was that in order for a company such as Ford for example, to not pay tariffs, they gradually had to have more and more parts being manufactured in other countries in order to avoid those tariffs. Therefore, companies began outsourcing in order to purchase cheaper products. The main savings was on labor, such as in Mexico. In the automotive industry alone, a third of auto manufacturing jobs have disappeared since the signing of NAFTA, but the same type of jobs increased in Mexico because of cheaper labor and products. The Agreement was that no tariffs were to be charged on products of trade in the three North American countries, to a point. For example, if 62.5 percent of a vehicles parts were resourced in North America, it would be tariff free. Considering the average vehicle has upwards of 30,000 parts, companies began purchasing cheaper parts in Mexico along with having their vehicles made in Mexico due to cheaper labor.

Apply this same model to manufacturers of thousands of products, whom most followed the auto industry methodology, and we now see why America has lost millions of jobs since the inception of NAFTA. Bill Clinton sold this final version to the American public, and I believe he knew what would come of this, and it did, lost jobs and then in the form of more people depending on welfare, food stamps and government handouts. As the Dems have done for decades, make people reliable on the government, and you’ll get their vote. Especially African Americans in our inner cities. After all, look at what your government is doing for you. Uncle Sam, big brother will take care of you, just keep voting us in.

Even Barack Obama said on the campaign trail in 2008, “We must now amend the agreement to fix them.” Now if Obama, the silver-tongued devil himself, is saying NAFTA is no good, then you know something must be amiss. But he didn’t fix it, and why would he? He, of all presidents did more to hurt, and take down America as best he could. It was just lip service to make himself look good. Instead, he turned around and pushed for globalism. The hell with nationalism, America wasn’t so great according to Obama, as he toured the world on his infamous apology tour, upon taking office.

At last we now have a president who loves America for what we stand for in the world, and not a politician who lies through his teeth in order to get your vote. As one of his many campaign promises he’s kept, President Trump has revamped NAFTA, so that it’s good for American’s too.

Last November, President Trump joined our North American allies in signing the new U.S. – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA). This agreement modernizes NAFTA while securing stronger protections for American Labor. Mexico’s legislature has overwhelmingly passed the new deal into law. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau traveled to Washington, urging Democrat leaders in Congress to join President Trump in making USMCA a reality. What have they done so far? Just what you’d expect from this Congress, obstruct President Trump at all turns, regardless whether it benefits Americans or not.

The USMCA guarantees the strongest labor protections of any U.S. trade agreement. It ensures fair wages in all three countries. It also eliminates the loophole that allows foreign car companies to buy auto parts from China or Europe, assemble them in Mexico, and then sell  those vehicles duty-free in the United States. Now a vehicle must have 75 percent of it’s parts made in North America in order to be sold duty-free. Along with that, is the requirement of at least 40 percent of a duty-free car be made by workers earning at least an average of $16 an hour, and that includes Mexico and Canada.

NAFTA was simply another nail in the coffin of the United States, by the America hating Left -Wing. Do you think Hillary’s call for globalism was just a coincidence? It wasn’t, she was following in her hubbies footsteps for control and power over U.S. citizens.

Call your Congressman or Congresswoman and tell them to pass the USMCA, and stop stalling.

It’s damn time to think of what’s best for Americans. They weren’t voted in to spend their days obstructing President Trump, so do what’s best for America for a change.