There’s no manual, road map, or guide to fully prepare you for the years of parenting a teenage son. Sure, you’ve read the books. You’ve most likely more than once listened to that one close friend who loves to tell you war stories about their own teen and give you loads of unsolicited advice. But all in all … there’s really nothing to prepare you.

The truth is, these are the most important, most critical years of your not-so-little boy’s life. And these are also the years you need to be tuned into the most. I know, because I am a mental health professional who has worked with teenagers and parents for over 20 years. This show I share with you the truths about what you are seeing and what you will experience as you raise your teenage son.

I also will be sharing with you how I was able to compile the many questions your son has about life, love, drugs, mental health and many more and wrote a brand new book, with teen boys Q & A. This book will not only answer your teenager’s questions but help as a conversation starter between you and your teenager.