Lt. Joe is joined in the pandemic neighborhood by Jim ”the Contrarian“ Giordano one of the neighborhood guys. The newly revealed truths in the Trump witch hunt and Coup d’état that led to the dismissal of charges against General Flynn are broken down to see where it could be going from here. In an effort to break up the politics Lt. Joe and Jim talk a little bit about the sure secretive and mysterious “Q”, a man who seems to be very hooked up with the behind the scenes world. Then they look at the problems of local, state, and the federal government when it comes to public financing are all coming to the forefront during the pandemic. How will we pay for all of this costly societal caregiving and when will it breakdown? And finally, they round out the episode with some thoughts on where this all leads and what it will mean to every American as we try to open up and rejoin the world. Don’t miss this one!  Image: Reuters

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