The crazy Democrats, in a near panic meltdown over their three year failure to depose the President, and now fearful of Trump’s DoJ exposing their own perfidies, have turned up the burners on impeachment over a phone call to the point they may actually burn themselves. 

Maybe they should have read the transcript!

Now, in desperation, they bring in a uniformed retired Army Lt. Col who supposedly was one of the NSC members privy to the President’s conversation with the Ukrainian President. Apparently, the decorated but displeased officer, wanted to add a few defining words to the president’s conversation. Was he, in fact, the alleged “Whistleblower” the Democrats don’t want to expose? They sneaked him in. He’s the best pick so far. Did any of ‘em read the transcript? 

Politico tells us the Democrats are engaged in a intra-party fight over a resolution that makes limited changes to their impeachment inquiry, “a needless distraction for Democrats just as they collect some of the most explosive testimony to date against President Donald Trump.”

House investigators (bipartisan) heard “damning testimony” from a National Security Council official, the Lt. Col., supposedly providing a direct first hand account of Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president. Say what? Didn’t they read the transcript of that call? I haven’t seen or heard of any “damming evidence,” only hearsay, guesses and innuendo’s. Besides, didn’t Schiff meet this witness first to coordinate his testimony to Schiff’s questions? Yeah, he did!

In their delusion, Democrats argue over the words needed to go forward with their impeachment scam the public might believe while the leadership dithers on trying to understand just what the resolution accomplishes and why it’s even important now. Someone must have read the transcript, surely? It’s out there because Trump ‘Trumped ‘em” again.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-N.J.), understands the “tar baby” trap his caucus is heading into. He opined that when House Republicans want Trump’s Impeachment to proceed, never mind  whatever Romney and the “never Trumpers” want, then he smells a trap there. His very words were: “So if they very much want it, it would mean they want to help us a whole lot and really think it’s a good idea, or they think that it was going to put us in a tight spot.” A few other House Democrats feel the same way and see danger in pressing on. They read the transcript! 

Those House Democrat moderates, that follow the flock of sheep leader, Nancy Pelosi’s direction, will vote for the resolution even while the squabbling over procedure is collapsing around them from over exposure, Republican attacks and no action. It was not intended for a simple procedural measure to consume so much time just to impeach that awful President Trump. In the meantime, Trump carries on Making America Great Again. 

What we actually have been witnessing here is Democrat managerial incompetence. Their party has been Balkanized (broken into squabbling pieces) by incompetent leadership of the several committee chairmen competing to be the one who gets Trump while never at all realizing they are revealing themselves as the incompetent fools they really are.  

Jerry Nadler has dropped from the radar since the debacle of his one witness hearing, turned him into a complete putz. Adam Schiff is a sneaky, rotten, lying, characterless, dimwit who has earned the jokes now spotlighting his discredited character. He can forgo any earned respect. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!