There is absolutely not a shadow of a doubt that President Donald J Trump has shaken the foundations of politics all over the world. In 500 days he has single handily transformed America from a meek, weak, rudderless and dispirited nation into the most powerful nation not only militarily but also economically and politically against all odds.

He has demonstrated immense degrees of sagacity, fortitude, truthfulness and loyalty than any political leader in recent history.

Kim Jong Un would not have come to the peace talks had he not believed in two extremely important matters:

  • Trump is a man of his words who will not bow down to aggressors nor betray his friends. He is resolute against enormous hatred shown not only to himself but also to his own family.
  • Because Trump has been keeping about every promise he made to the American people and has been able to deliver, Kim knows that he can trust him and any deal he makes with him.
  • Dennis Rodman gave Kim Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” the bottom line of which is that all deals that allow BOTH sides to benefit, are and should obviously be the most successful. Trump showed Kim a lot of respect and deference that are most important in the psyche of the East especially.

All over the world, since Trump became President and has shown himself a consummate leader, other politicians and peoples became emboldened to take on the “Deep State” in their countries as per the following few examples:

  1. Premier of Ontario Doug Ford has utterly demolished Trudeau’s liberal party in the latest election. He is Canada’s Trump against Trudeau Canada’s despicable Obama. This is the best news coming from Canada so far. Hopefully more to follow
  1. The new Italian government is NOT allowing 670 so called refugees from landing in Italy and rightly so. Had any of the previous governments done so, there would have been no INVASION of Europe by the soldiers of Islam
  1. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, has closed seven mosques and deporting 60 Imams because they are subverting the rule of law and endangering the welfare of Austrians thus prompting the Turkish Hitler Erdogan to say “this is the start of war between the Cross and the Crescent”. This Muslim Pathological liar is ignoring the FACT that Muslims have been conducting Total War against the Cross for 1400 years and continuing. It is about time that the treasonous and treacherous Turkey under Erdogan should be removed from NATO since there is no more Soviet Union
  1. Almost one month ago, in a football stadium in Tehran, the capital of Iran sang in unison “Rest your soul, Reza Pahlavi” the previous Shah of Iran thus publicly and unambiguously demonstrating that the Mullahs regime is under attack internally by over 50% of the population who are under 40 years old. They did so because they know that Trump will have their back against the degenerate rule of the Ayatollahs. Of course, as usual, the Fake News never reported this monumental event to the American people
  1. After resolving the issues with North Korea, the Ayatollahs of Iran, their stooges of Hamas and Hezbollah will come under Trump’s cross hairs and they know it
  1. UN Resolution against Israel & Hamas:

The anti-Israel vote passed by a vote of 120-8, with 45 abstentions. While that number outcome looks bad for Israel, it actually is great. 45 abstentions is the key number to focus on. This number of countries NOT voting against Israel is huge and is a tremendous change, thanks to the new diplomatic direction of President Trump and Ambassador Nikki Haley.

But it was the next vote that it is the real eye-opener. Since the General Assembly resolution was one-sided against Israel, Haley introduced an amendment to make it more “balanced”. The amendment added by Haley condemned Hamas. Haley’s amendment passed by a simple majority of 62-58, with 42 abstentions. Never has there been a majority for a pro-Israel vote.

Because of a procedural ruling that a two-thirds majority was needed, that amendment was not adopted by the UN. However, again, the key is not the outcome. But the fact that 62 countries in the United Nations voted on something in support of Israel. Those numbers are unprecedented.

Americans should remember that out of the 120 votes against Israel 57 are MUSLIMS and the amended one against Hamas was a resounding one for Israel because out of 58 who voted against the US amendment are again 57 Muslim states!

In a nutshell, this was an astounding DEFEAT to the Arabs, the so called Palestinians and Muslims.

Ladies and gentlemen, the writing on the wall is there for all to read that time is NOT any longer on the side of Islam and the enemies of the USA. The Globalist Tide is ebbing by Donald J Trump’s TWITTERS.