It’s human nature to be competitive. Nearly every creature on the planet competes for something. Be it for love over other siblings from a mother, animals competing for territory, or even living organisms that coexist in the same environment. In the business world, companies compete every day to be the best at what they offer. In societies across the globe, children begin competing very young, such as striving to win a math quiz in school. Sports are certainly one of the first things we think of when talking about competition. The history of sports dates back to ancient times. The first Olympic Games were in Greece in 776 BC. During the celebration of the games, an Olympic truce was enacted so that athletes could travel from their countries to the games in safety.

Competition builds self-esteem, it builds character and strength. It builds teamwork and teaches us many life lessons, ultimately helping us deal with life as we grow up. It teaches us that if we want something bad enough, there are sacrifices. That training and hard work will most often translate to reaching our goals in life. Winning is not a bad thing, and being a winner can be a great feeling. Knowing you were better than others at a particular skill can help you excel in life. Would we have Microsoft if Bill Gates hadn’t realized that he was better at developing computer software? I’m quite sure he failed many times but strove to be the best. The United States wouldn’t have been the first to put men on the moon if our astronauts didn’t compete to be the best as test pilots first, which many were. You could point out thousands of similar examples as well, of people over achieving through the years.

So, why then are todays Democratic Socialists so against our children being winners? I’ll tell you why. Because they understand that the take down of American society and our Christian culture as we’ve known it, is a marathon, not a sprint.

They fear strong and courageous people, the people they don’t want your children to become.

As we rolled into early two thousand, one of many changes began occurring in our schools across the country, and this goes hand in hand with the PC culture. Part of the Socialist mantra of making everyone the same, was beginning in school sports. The demonization of competition had begun. If our children stop trying to be over achievers and winners, then they’ll be less apt to fight back later in life, if or when the black cloak of Socialism blankets America. It was decided in one Small-town America, that they should no longer award one winner, or a winning team. After all, poor little Suzy or Johnny’s feelings were hurt, because they didn’t win a medal too. So, it was decided to give every child on each team a ribbon or a little plastic trophy. I kid you not, this is currently happening all over America.

I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes in New Hampshire. I’ve attended my 9-year-old grandson’s ending of a season in soccer and baseball. Every kid received the same thing, there was NOT a winning team! Thank God my two children didn’t grow up in this whack-job liberal era. My daughter Kerry is an over achiever and is a very successful RN. My son Brandon lost his hearing entirely at six months of age from spinal meningitis. Life for him was more of a struggle, but today he is the Automotive Tech Instructor at the California School for the Deaf. Both of my kids are winners in life, because they grew up understanding that winning and being the best you can be, is of the utmost importance. And I’m damn proud they were taught that. On the other hand, teaching our children that they are all the same, and no one is better at anything than the other, is robbing them the incentive to achieve a higher standard. But then again, that’s the goal of the Democratic Socialists.

Now, they are beginning the assault on academia. This month in Mason, Ohio, officials decided that there was an “unhealthy competitiveness among students”. Therefore, they will no longer recognize a valedictorian or salutatorian. Yes, you read that correctly. The change was aimed at improving students mental health. No GPA cap was in place, so students chased higher and higher GPAs instead of pursuing other endeavors. “Kids were using their summers to stack themselves up with more classes,” said Tracey Carlson, a district spokeswoman.

Oh my God, the horror of it all. Imagine kids taking more classes during the summer, striving to be the best they can be, or better than others?

Mason High School Principal Bobby Dodd, made this incredulous statement, “This will help reduce the overall competitive culture at MHS to allow students to focus on exploring learning opportunities that are of interest to them.” I’d be willing to bet that Bobby Dodd is a liberal.

President Trump was a winner in life, long before he ran for president. He most definitely wouldn’t have won if not for the winning spirit of his staff and the “we can do this spirit” of the millions of volunteers, whom most of, grew up when it was okay to be the only winner. 

Nobody wants to be a loser, right Hillary? And then there are poor sports, but that’s for another column.

The competitive spirit in America, and of America, is what has made this such a great country. We can’t stand in the background and allow this to continue. This is happening to your children, or grandchildren. It’s time to voice your opinion parents in America. How long are we going to allow these demons to manipulate the children of our future? For our countries future, it’s time to take a stand America!