To the globalists around the world, eliminating America as the most powerful and freest country, is the tipping point to overtaking the rest of the world. Had Hillary Clinton won, we would now be well on our way to globalism, which is the idea of economic and political integration of countries and economies.

For the first time in modern history, we have a Pope who is most certainly a Marxist. Pope Francis, is by definition, a Marxist. No Pope in history has weighed in on American politics like Pope Francis has. As President Trump pushes forward to bring America back to her leadership role in the world, Pope Francis has no qualms about speaking out against him, just like today’s Socialist Democrats.

The swamp, which President Trump talks about is much larger than we think. It actually crosses continents, and has now reached the most influential and powerful church in the world. 

Let’s look at what defines a Marxist. Marxism is a type of economic system proposed by Karl Marx. Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, historian, political theorist and social revolutionary from the 1800’s. One of his most popular publications was titled, The Communist Manifesto. His political and philosophical thought had enormous influence on intellectual, economic and political history. Consequently, his name has been used as an adjective, a noun and a school of social theory. He believed that human societies develop through class struggle, and that capitalism should be toppled by the working class and replaced with socio-economic emancipation.

One of the most bitter struggles in America today, is illegal immigration and the building of a wall along our border to keep out illegal immigrants. It’s worth noting, that struggle is within our own government, as the majority of Americans want a wall built. President Trump is doing everything in his power to keep Americans safe from drugs and crime which flow over our border daily. The swamp in D.C., does nothing but try to obstruct him at every opportunity they have. The Republican lead Congress before 2018, and the Democratic lead Congress after 2018, have done absolutely nothing to assist in this border crisis.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis being the hypocrite that he is, put President Trump on notice, warning that those who close borders, “will become prisoners of the walls that they build.” Interesting, coming from a man who lives behind walls which are 200 feet tall. According to Pope Francis, Mr. Trump was “not Christian” for his belief in building walls, rather than bridges. Applying what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, one can only apply the same determination for the Pope, who must not be a Christian, since he has walls around the Vatican. Walls are for one purpose only, to keep people from coming in.

The fact of the matter is, the Vatican does not have the same issues, which are occurring daily as migrants come from South America and Mexico to the U.S. for a better life. Women are not being raped by the hundreds, by coyotes traveling with them across the deserts. There are literally trees across Mexico, strewn with women’s panties, thrown there as their symbol of domination, as they lead these unwilling victims to “a better life.” It’s disturbing and disgusting, that this continues to play out, yet Congress is silent.

The Vatican does not have children being used as pawns, in order to get adults into the U.S. Upon DNA checks, thousands of these children who are being claimed as offspring of the adults they’re with, are in fact NOT their children. There’s no human trafficking coming across the border walls of the Vatican. 

This past August, Pope Francis said he was “concerned” about recent political rhetoric, cautioning against nationalism, and saying that recent political speeches he’s heard, “resemble those of Hitler in 1934.” He went on to say “Us first. We….We….These things are frightening thoughts.”

Us first, We….We….are frightening thoughts? To whom, a Socialist? Yes, President Trump talks about “America first.” He talks about nationalism. He’s bothered by the decimation the Marxist-minded, Socialists have done to America. Regulations on businesses which drove them overseas, and closed thousands of manufacturing plants all across our country. I witnessed it first hand as I lead Trumps ground campaign across America in 2016, and it was sad and disturbing.

The decimation of American society was turned to “full speed ahead” by President Obozo, who began his presidency by apologizing to the world for American Exceptionalism. As President Trump says, he would hope every country in the world, wants to be the best. The Pope comparing America and President Trump to Hitler, clearly shows that he’s part of the swamp. Pope Francis is a very intelligent man, who would most certainly know the distinct difference between a dictator/murderer such as Hitler, versus a man who simply loves his country and wants to see it prosper, along with its citizens. Pope Francis went on to say that migrants should be integrated into society and that nationalism is an “attitude of isolation.” I suspect Germans would disagree, as  German women are raped by the dozens and crime has skyrocketed since the influx of Syrian refugees into Germany and nearby countries.

I will end where I started⏤Eliminating America as the most powerful and freest country in the world, is the tipping point for Globalists to overtake the rest of the world. What they fail to take into consideration, is that one of the single most prominent faults of human nature, GREED, will someday be the end of humanity.  Image: Associated Press