The Presidential election is a compilation of 50 individual state elections. This creates battlegrounds all over the country for state electoral votes. 270 determines the winner. Conservatives appear to be targeted when it comes to suppression. This is particularly true on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. By original charter, these social media giants were ordained to remain neutral as “Free Platforms”, but it can be argued that they have morphed into “Publishers”, reshaping opinion, manipulating information and data towards their own political goals, not for equal First Amendment, Freedom of speech.

My guest, Meg Houston is a political activist and statistician who founded Go Red State by State, an educational and informational organization in 50 States, with the purpose of disseminating accurate data, and candidate information to these state groups to promote a MAGA agenda. Unfortunately, she found her organizational state pages, permanently suspended on Twitter under the TOS (Terms of Service) violation of being “A Bot and Manipulating Minds”. This false accusation has significantly affected the organizational effectiveness around the country.

In this podcast we examine questions like: How has activism changed since the 60s? How extreme is media manipulation? What concrete steps must be taken to assure a free suppression election? Should government intervene legally against the social media platforms? What is the affect of illegal immigration on the voting in America?

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