The Top Stories – Israel says no to Rep. Omar & Rep. Tlaib on their visit, and then the story takes a turn for the worse! Fox News poll shows Trump losing to Biden, Warren, Sanders and Harris – do people believe these things? Hong Kong and China – Can the U.S. do anything to stop the takeover? Churches arm, train congregants in wake of mass shootings – good idea? Google warns BILLIONS of website passwords have been hacked – what next? Trump eyes new real estate purchase: Greenland – true or false? Dennis Santiago is an American Strategist focusing on strategic warfare, asymmetric warfare and global stability. Linda Martinelli is a Show Host & Political Commentator, an Entrepreneur and Business Executive.

The Sunday Funnies – Bill Maher wants a recession, of course Bill has over 100 millions dollars net worth to play with… “So please bring on the recession, sorry if that hurts people,” he says. And entertainers are not the only ones praying for a recession – media outlets and executives are thinking if the economy crashes that will be the end of President Trump. Actors like Johnny Depp are even joking, if you can call it that, about assassination “when was the last time an actor assassinated President”. Our panel will take on the outlandish comments and discuss the impact Trump Derangement Syndrome is having on the nation. Jim McCay is a Political Analyst, Commentator and Radio Producer, and joins us along with Dennis Santiago and Linda Martinelli.

The Epstein Autopsy Jeffrey Epstein even in death he monopolizes the news cycle. The controversy over the events both in his life and now his death promise to continue for quite some time as the lawsuits both criminal and civil will continue. Probably the biggest item at the moment are the results of the medical examiner’s autopsy, which is being questioned by Epstein’s attorneys, the media, the dozens of people that are implicated in this case. We will explore the case and what happens next?! Dr. Ron Martinelli, is a retired police detective, a forensic criminologist, and a national voice known as the “expert’s expert.” 

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