Cannon Hinnant was in his front yard playing as any five-year-old would be, before he was shot execution-style by a madman near the home of Cannon’s father. Sadly, we must point out, a white 5-year-old boy and a black man who lived next door to the father. There was no outrage. No protests. No tears. Why?

This story did not fit the media agenda of racial injustice⏤so they did what the media always does when they don’t like the storyline, they ignored the story altogether. Americans are confusing what we at one time called the news⏤with media outlets. There really is no news⏤not when you’re in the business of selling advertising or creating clicks. Everyone is selling something. Selling a product, selling an idea, selling a service, but selling. 

As the Blaze reports: While some of the media has neglected to cover the appalling murder of Cannon Hinnant, people around the world have been emotionally touched and heartbroken by the tragedy. Some have shown their support for the family of the slain 5-year-old by donating to a GoFundMe campaign, which now exceeds half a million dollars.

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