The Democrats have been attacking the U.S. Constitution from the very beginning. They call it a living breathing document subject to constant change. They want it replaced with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which claims the Government and U.N. grant your rights. Whatever man grants, man can taketh away. 

Next, the Globalists convinced patriots to sign away their liberty for security via the Patriot Act. Today, Americans have neither liberty nor security.

Then the Globalists got Congress to sell out the American citizens without due process in the name of fighting terror while refusing to name the real terrorists, via The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Next, the Globalists turned the children on their parents. Children can report their parents to authorities in school through a series of probing questions on the computer using specific algorithms in a national database. Common Core remote learning is designed to keep the people ignorant. Approximately half of Americans are functionally literate. 

The Globalists then came for the Judeo-Christian community by demanding they participate in killing their unborn. Obamacare made it easier for the masses to murder the babies. Now the oppressive power-hungry Globalists have been closing the churches⏤all in the name of the CCP Virus. 

The Globalists targeted our kids to sexualize them in K-12. By using familiar items like trafficking, sex slavery, drugs, alcohol abuse, suicide⏤all became normal behavior.

Globalists are now coming after We The People by forcing a fraudulent rigged election on an unassuming public. Now that the internet has connected the world, the perpetrators feel empowered. Cyber-fraud to steal an election is just one more tool in their arsenal.

Globalists are determined to seize America and transform America into a communist police state.

The Green New Deal is a copy of Agenda 21/2030 following the U.N. programs of sustainability (do more for less). It is the goal for the U.N. takeover of the sovereignty of America, causing a loss of American freedom and liberty and the elimination of private property. Elimination of the 2nd Amendment is on the menu. U.N. Agenda 21 is the plan using the environment to control human activity. 

Another goal of U.N. Agenda 21 is to depopulate the planet by claiming there are too many humans. Progressives use phony science of man-made global warming designed to control human activity, not save the planet. If people are guided into believing in warmth, they will not prepare for extreme cold. Crops will freeze, less food will create food shortages⏤which will kill people. Food, corn is used for fuel causing food prices to escalate. Was the CCP Virus designed to kill off the older population? Goal accomplished. 

Globalists want your land for the good of the collective and will use unproven, overly expensive central planning (never presented with financial information) for sustainable developments designed to redistribute your wealth and steal your private property through rezoning schemes and conservation easements.

With the rise of Nationalism, we learned through this last election, Globalists are in the minority. They are comprised of ignorant Americans, mostly young adults and politically ignorant adults assisted by a compliant media carrying the communist message cloaked in warm fuzzy words.

Globalists are atheists and many believe in GAIA, “mother earth is god.” They have waged war against all religious groups. They are determined to remove all mention of GOD (you know, the “THING”) from every place possible because God must be replaced by your allegiance to the STATE and the U.N. They fail to realize that God and morality are part of the soul of America and can not be removed by eliminating mere words. 

Globalists are Democrats and Republicans who are cloaked in their new definition of Globalism. Students are taught to repel America and replace America with Globalism. Americans now are described as the enemy. You will be silenced by fear. You will be canceled. 

Americans are finally starting to realize the only way Globalists have power, is if Americans give it to them. We are many, they are few. This election proves that. The only way Globalists can win is by cheating. If you are silent you allow them to control you. 

Is America worth saving? Here is what you can do:

Stop Globalists from sexualizing public school classrooms. Stop federal curricula for kids. Demand that your elected politicians close the Federal Dept of Education. Education is a state issue. See Oreo Cookie targets Children for LGBT Recruiting.

Contact your legislator and demand they follow the law. What good are laws if they are not applied equally? 

Did your state legislature ever pass a Statute (Law) addressing Communism? Florida did. Did you know Communism is against the law in Florida? Read FL Statute 876.01. Are there communists in the Florida legislature? In our schools? Social Justice, Wealth Redistributions, BLM, and 1619 project are communist programs. Are they in your community? Now is the time to expose these communist globalist programs.

Go to your school board meetings and find other Americans to run for the position in 2022. Start now to get name recognition. 

Donate to the GA Senate race, and donate to the Trump legal team. Go to Georgia and rally for the truth. 

Stop using their stuff. Stop giving money to people who want you dead. 

Remember, everything is connected – always the same globalists elite. Nothing is random – All MSM carry the same message. There are no coincidences – 5 states shut voting down at the same time. Everything has a plan – Cheat to win the election, at all costs.

The only thing a Globalist understands is money, power, control. We have the power to take that away from them, one American at a time. I no longer will use FaceBook, Twitter, etc. I am now on Parler.

Ask Globalists questions. Do not accept anything they say as truth. Make them prove it. If you are called a racist, ask them for specific examples.

Isn’t it interesting that the same people who demand “Choice” for a woman to kill their unborn baby, are the same people refusing to give adults a choice in fighting against the CCP Virus? 

“I dare hope that all the peoples who have lived through communism will understand that communism is to blame for the bitter pages of their history.”  – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Communism never died. It just went into stealth mode and hid underground. Then like hot lava, it began its spread devouring and destroying everything in its path. I will not comply, will you?