The State of Law Enforcement – Law enforcement officers are harshly criticized by media talking heads and political elites right at the moment of the incident⏤even before they know the facts, they are running with the story. It can be a made up story of police brutality, racism, hands-up don’t shoot, or some other falsehood. Last year almost 700,000 physical attacks on police officers occurred. Police assassinations; officers being ambushed have become all too common. PTSD and suicides are another growing problem in the industry. 

Police officers are asked to do more than just enforce the law, they are the psychologist, mediators, negotiators and the protectors. How has policing changed over the years & why? What are the rules of engagement? Sanctuary cities, illegals, homeless, drugs⏤what is their impact on policing? What is the future of law enforcement in the United States? Dave Smith is the most recognized police trainer and author in the industry today, he uses his alter-ego “JD Buck Savage” to train officers. Dr Ron Martinelli, is a retired police detective with a background in investigations, forensics, violent crimes and death scene investigations.  Sgt. Betsy Smith a Police Officer for 29 years, a law enforcement trainer for over 20 years, and author. Lt Randy Sutton is a 34 year Law Enforcement veteran retired from the LVPD.


The Wounded Blue – Many police agencies fall woefully short of providing the care and support so desperately needed when a traumatic physical or emotional injury occurs. They may fail to pay the medical bills, approve needed treatment or surgeries and they may reduce pay and fail to even recognize that Post Traumatic Stress Injury is very real and can be debilitating. That is why THE WOUNDED BLUE was created; to help injured law enforcement, build and administer an Emergency Financial Aid Fund, create a system of effective and caring Peer Support, be a resource for competent and effective legal council and advocate for stronger laws and protection for the American Law Enforcement Officer. Lt Randy Sutton is Founder of The Wounded Blue, and the Director Retired Police Sgt Jason Harney.

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