The Ministry for State Security or State Security Service (SSD), was commonly known as the Stasi and was the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic (Communist East Germany). It has been described as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police organizations to ever have existed anywhere in the world.

The Stasi was headquartered in the former East Berlin, the Soviet Sector of the divided city, and maintained an extensive reach throughout East Germany. Stasi was also known as a close partner with the KGB of the former Soviet Union.

East German Domestic Surveillance Went Far Beyond the Stasi, Credit: picture alliance

The STASI was brutal in their repression against the citizens of East Germany, arresting, torturing, and confining without trial countless East German citizens over false allegations made by neighbors, co-workers, and local communist party officials. Or for simply expressing a desire to live in freedom.  No criticism of the regime or communist ideology was tolerated.

The Berlin Wall cut an ugly scar across the city of Berlin. All along the wall in various places were placed small wreaths and crosses, small memorials to East German citizens who had been shot and killed by East German border guards for no other reason than trying to escape to the freedom offered in the West.

As part of their campaign of oppression against the East German citizenry, the Stasi maintained dossiers on nearly every citizen living in that communist country. Anything one said or did was recorded in their dossier, the information provided by an extensive network of stooges and informants who spied and informed on their neighbors, and even on their own family members.

Anyone who spoke out against what was the approved communist party line risked disappearing from their homes, places of work, or just snatched off the streets by Stasi agents. East Germany truly was a hell on earth.

Fortunately, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the former Soviet Bloc countries of which East Germany was a staunch member and ally, the Stasi’s reign of terror came to an end with the eventual reunification of a free Germany out from beneath the iron fist of communism.

Now in our own country members of Stasi 2.0, also known as the American Socialist Democrat Party are now talking about maintaining a “list” of former Trump Administration officials and other supporters – likely now including this writer – with calls to punish them, and hold them accountable for their support of President Trump. If that doesn’t scare the living crap out of everyday Americans it should.

Communist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continues to push for a Biden Cabinet-level position, likely Secretary of Labor where he will certainly become a loose cannon unilaterally making changes and taking positions that suit him. A President Biden will have little if any control over Sanders. Once Sanders gets his hands on some power he will run wild with it and he will ignore or threaten Biden if the president objects to any of Sanders’ plans.

The infiltration of American government institutions will resume full speed ahead after the partial house cleaning President Trump was able to achieve.

Unfortunately still far short of what needs to be done to exorcise the government of the ‘progressives’ that moved into mid and senior-level positions under Obama, and who continued the ‘resistance’ after Trump’s election. Doing their utmost to sabotage Trump’s administration from within.

With the continued call for “accountability” – just another word for revenge – and attempting to prevent loyal serving Trump Administration members from securing employment after Trump leaves office, it sure sounds very much like the Stasi of old in East Germany. 

The only question remaining is when will construction start on the gulags and the re-education camps? Will the disappearance of Americans who voted for President Trump be far behind?